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Kashikola says life won’t be the same under lockdown

Home affairs deputy minister Daniel Kashikola said the life during the lockdown will not be the same because the nature of the state of emergency means certain rights will be taken away.
Kashikola, who spoke during Friday’s Covid-19 morning session in Windhoek, said vendors will be allowed to sell their goods especially those selling food but under strict conditions.
He added that the vendors must observe hygiene, social distancing and should not allow customers to sit in and eat or drink what they would have bought.
According to Kashikola, vendors must package their products so customers can buy and go home to avoid gathering in numbers.
The deputy minister added the authorities issuing travel permits should be stricter and look at the reasons why such documents are needed.
Home affairs deputy minister said the spread of the virus depends on the kind of behavior Namibians portray, adding that if they move around and the virus continue to spread, more measures will be taken.
“So it is better to stay home, depending on how well we are doing, the lock down might be lifted,” said Kashikola.
When travelling from one zone to the other, one is required to have an authorization in black and white from either ministry of health, ministry of trade or ministry of home affairs.
However, he said, one still needs documents to backup the permit.
He says people found in contravention of the lockdown and state of emergency regulations will be fined. They will not be arrested due to fear of further spread of the virus in holding cells. They’ll instead be issued tickets similar to traffic tickets.
Kashikola said that the normal law on reckless driving and driving under the influence of liquor is applied. If you are caught the law will deal with you in terms of the law and you will be treated in the normal way as it has been done even before the Corona Virus.
“We may ask where you bought the alcohol you have consumed so we have a lead of where the alcohol is being sold,” he said.
He added that for now the regulation prohibits the sale and not possession of alcohol.

Julia Heita

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