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Alta fuses soul and passion to latest project

By: Kelvin Chiringa

Rhythm & Blues rising chanter, Alta Ouses is one dynamite who, in the tiniest of packages, has brought some serious explosions in local show-biz and this time, her latest offering, Do you believe in love part 2 has grabbed more attention.

Featuring rapper D-Jay, the single is a 4minutes 15 seconds roller coaster ride of passion on steroids, and speaks of the irresistible power of love for its own sake.

D-Jay opens with the line “It’s you and I against the world baby. You gotta feel it,” and this becomes the prelude to a pensive if not contemplative sound that rides on an intoxicating bit chopped to precision.

Alta’s voice comes out slow and seductive,  springing from a place of longing, a cautious desire that break the chains of distrust and hesitation before plunging right into the river of positive vibrations.

The song makes one fall in love over and over again, as it creates in the depths of one’s imagination the Bone and Clyde mirage, an inseparable bond of loving birds.

The beat flattens out into a mellow outstretch before it comes to a screeching halt, shifting gear right about the time both song-birds bring in the almost exotic feel of Damara.

The clicks are awesome, the energy binds instruments and voices into one tight knot.

Such is the identity that the artists infuse into a sound that breaks the bounds of the usual commonplace timbre and attains an international touch.

But Alta is more on fire on the refrain.

She comes out demanding, more stern and confrontational as her melancholic voice wails with the couplet, “Do you believe, do you believe, do you believe in love? I still believe, I still believe, I still believe in love…”

All through out, the rap is lyrically clean and more mature.

On this project, D-Jay is more laid back and sober, as he backs up the soft edges of Alta with some well-calculated lines.

As Alta, in resignation gets overpowered by the magnetic pull of her lover, D-Jay weighs in with “Let’s make it work gal,” and love blossoms in a world without inhabitations.

His voice, retains its usual sex appeal.

Do you believe in love is a perfect ballad that comes in time to furnish the local music scene with a different type of talent.

The song attains a sexual balance fit for a romantic date, and its languid pace and perfect diction definitely renders it one of the finest masterpieces released so far this year.

Will Ouses beat this benchmark?

Time seems to be on her side.

Kelvin Chiringa

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