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SKW defend Bank Windhoek Fistball Championship

Tue, 29 September 2015 17:17
by Press Release

Goetz Friedrich, of Cohen FC 1 plays the ball in the final of the Bank Windhoek National A league. Cohen FC 1 lost the final by 5:2 against SKW 1. 

SKW retained their title as Namibian Fistball champions in the Bank Windhoek national A league, this past weekend. They won a hard fought match against Cohen FC 1 by 5:2 sets.

The Bank Windhoek National B league, meanwhile, was won by Cohen FC 3. Clever tactics and a strong team performance secured the title for SKW 1 in the final of the Bank Windhoek National A league.

The coaching team of SKW made one change to the SKW 1 team that had played together this season.

Former national team captain, Michael Baas, moved from SKW 2 to SKW 1 to bolster the attacking prowess of the defending champions. Together with youngster Rico Kühnle-Kreitz, the SKW stalwart formed a championship winning combination in the past. They showed signs of their strength when they won the qualifying game, which took them to the final by 4:0 against SKW 2.

Baas and Kühnle- Kreitz continued their good run in the final. Cohen FC 1 struggled with the spikes of the two SKW men, while the SKW defence stood solid, not giving Cohen FC 1 Spiker Tristan Minz the opportunity to hit points.

An early two set lead was the result. Cohen FC 1 regrouped however and pulled back two sets to narrow the gap. Then the experience of Baas came to the fore. The veteran spiker kept his cool and helped his team to consolidate under the unrelenting pressure of their opponents.

The result was a deserved 5:2 set win and the defence of the Bank Windhoek National A league championship. SKW 2 ended third after winning the third and fourth place play off by 5:2 sets against Cohen FC 2.

Cohen FC 3 ended an impressive league campaign by winning the Bank Windhoek National B league championship final by 4:2 sets, against club rivals Cohen FC 4. They started the game as the favourites and did not disappoint. Cohen FC 3 took a quick 2:0 set lead, before spiker PV Steinkopff picked up an injury and had to leave the field. Cohen FC 4 used the opportunity to pull back a set against their weakened opponents. As the game progressed replacement spiker Fritz Röthel proved the nemesis of Cohen FC 4. He impressed with good serves and great spikes to take his team to a well-played 4:2 set win and the championship title. SKW 3 ended their season on a high when they managed to take third place, after winning a 2 hour, seven set thriller, against the SFC 2 from Swakopmund, by 4:3 sets.

With the Bank Windhoek league championship decided there is only one title left up for grabs. The Bank Windhoek national cup competition will be played in Swakopmund on 24 October 2015, two weeks before the national team departs for the world championship in Argentina.