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Hinda calls for stronger ties with Indonesia

Mon, 24 August 2015 17:30
by Staff Writer
News Flash

The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Maureen Magreth Hinda, hailed the bilateral relations and cooperation between Namibia and Indonesia during the commemoration of the latter’s 70th independence anniversary.

Hinda noted that Namibia faces developmental challenges such as poverty and youth unemployment, as well as the need to develop human resources by capacity building in order to achieve developmental objectives envisaged in Vision 2030, which the country is trying to address by working closely with other friendly countries.

The Deputy Minister was addressing Indonesia’s Augustinus Sumartono, fellow ministers and members of the diplomatic corps when she made the remarks on 17 August at the Safari court.

“Our two countries share a commitment towards the maintenance of international peace, security and sustainable socio-economic development, within the framework of our respective regional economic groupings the South – South Cooperation and SACU, the African Union, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the United Nations,” Hinda said.

She also pointed out that the bilateral relations between the two countries continue to grow in many respects, as reflected by trade volume between the two countries and Indonesian assistance programs to Namibia.

Tracking how far the two countries have come in their cooperation, Hinda said “During our first session of the joint commission which took place in Jakarta in May 2009, we identified priority areas of cooperation, such as trade and investment, science and technology, agriculture, education and people-to-people contact.

“You will agree with me that our two countries made progress, but I believe it’s important that we consolidate what we have started.  I take this opportunity to invite Indonesian business community to invest in various sectors of our economy.”

She added efforts towards ensuring that agreements signed between the two countries need to be redoubled and implemented without delay.

Both the Namibian and Indonesian governments place emphasis on South-South cooperation - inter alia, through active participation in NAM. This movement stands for the principles of active peaceful coexistence and the maintenance and consolidation of peace and security, as well as for the economic advancement of developing nations.

Indonesia spearheaded the 1955 Bandung Conference and the birth of the Non-align Movement. Indonesia also lend a helping hand to Namibia during the struggle for independence.

“Indonesia has always championed the cultivation of South- South cooperation based on mutual benefit and the improvement of the welfare of the peoples of Asia and Africa. Throughout its history, Indonesia solidly supported the struggle of the oppressed peoples of the world. Indonesia is indeed a role model to us, in providing lessons in poverty eradication, among others,” Hinda said, commending Indonesia on its efforts.

The Deputy Minister concluded her speech by the people of Indonesia best on their 70th anniversary commemorations and expressed her wishes for a lasting friendship between the two countries.