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Styling politicians

Mon, 6 July 2015 03:52
by Faith Haushona-Kavamba

After years of tireless observational research, I have come to conclude that a large portion of our politicians are dressed by blind stylists.
I have long toyed with the idea, but the nail in the coffin for me was when I saw that picture of Margaret Mensah-Williams last week, where she was pictured wearing an outfit only fit for Cirque du Soleil.
Good heavens, that outfit was horrendous! That pattern reminded me of those Where’s Wally children’s books, as it was so busy and dizzying it induced vertigo in me.
Unfortunately, this is not a case unique to Mensah-Williams. Most, if not all politicians, have very poor taste when it comes to fashion.
Perhaps Mensah-Williams can be commended for her efforts, as she has had her fair share of hits and misses. She really does try, unlike some who look like they just rolled out of bed and headed for parliament.
Some people might argue that politicians have better things to worry about, which is why they have such poor taste.
However, we all know that is not the case from all the naps they take in parliament and those crazy shenanigans where they demand for parliamentary villages when there are people freezing to death because they have no homes.
The way a person dresses says a lot about them. It speaks to their state of mind, how they think of themselves and that they know their clothes play a role in how people see you and what they think of you.
I’m not saying they have to wear red-carpet fashions or high-priced brands, but a simple tailored charcoal pants suit, paired with a kitten heel and a simplistic hairstyle says you are ready for business. You are not winning anything by dressing like you murdered Big Bird so you could have his feathers.
Women are not the only culprits. I’m sure some of you can attest to seeing Utoni Nujoma wearing one of his infamous cowboy-styled hats with shades in parliament. One wonders which rock star he is trying to emulate.
Perhaps, if our MPs take their dress code as seriously as they do some of the ludicrous demands they table in parliament, there wouldn’t be warrants of arrests out for them by the fashion police.
Stylists are not expensive, but if you’re not willing to spend the money, ask the shop attendant to help you pair your items. Also, any person who is not colour- blind should be able to discern which colours go well together. Then again, fashion is relative.
Alternatively, they can just continue on this unfashionable path.
Let’s face it, they provide us with much-needed entertainment. Incessant laughter at someone’s horrible fashion is just what the doctor ordered.