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Jericho must hang himself -ex

by Chris-Paul


the woman at the centre of suicidal musician Jericho’s misery, Helena Ngaifiwa, says the dude may as well go hang himself.
Jericho, the 2011 Namibian Annual Music Awards Artist of the Year, last week had a well publicised suicide attempt which Helena describes as ‘stage-managed’.
In SMSes sent out to various people, Jericho gave Helena’s ‘infidelity’ as the reason for his ‘death’.
“When a person really wants to kill himself, they do not send suicidal text messages to a number of people and even worse, pretend as though the message was written by a sister. He always does that,” Helena, a Radio Energy presenter, said.
Helena wondered why Jericho would drag her name into his ‘death wishes’ when they are broken up.
“He should leave my name out of his childish acts.”
According to Helena, she is done with Jericho and is focusing on her career at Radio Energy, “I’m told he’s seeing someone else with whom he spent the festive season at the coast. He hasn’t been in contact with me in a while. Now he suddenly resurfaces and implicates me in this nonsense.”
Helena said Jericho is jealousy and does not want to accept that whatever existed between them is over.
“This is like the third time he is doing so,” Helena charged adding, “I got a call from Meme Hilda (Basson-Namundjebo) two weeks ago telling me that Jericho had attempted to kill himself because of me. That was before the story which was in the papers last week. Now, do you tell me that he also saw messages from a man in my phone in his first attempt?”
A fuming Helena accused Jericho of cheating on her and disappearing after every gig only to reappear when broke.
“Every time Jericho has a gig, he usually disappears after that and reappears when he’s broke. He didn’t make any investments from the money he won (at the 2011 NAMA awards). He just bought a bunch of sneakers, a flat screen TV and booze. There is a bar called Sully Inn in Malaka Draai where he buys everyone alcohol. That’s where his money has gone.”
Basson-Namundjebo could neither confirm nor deny the alleged suicide attempt, citing loyalty to the artist.
“It’s a very serious and private matter. I don’t want to comment about it in the media as I have a relationship of trust with Jericho,” she said.
Jericho’s uncle, Clive Gawanab said, “I’m not at liberty to discuss that, it’s family business, but what I do know is that whatever the situation between the two is, Helena is very dear to us the family.”
Jericho denied faking his suicides insisting that he was spurred by Helena’s cheating.
“If Helena thinks that the suicides were staged, then that’s her opinion. But how stupid can I be to look for attention from my fans and family?” He asked adding, “Ask the police if it was staged. They have the report.”
He also said they have since split.
However, Jericho and Helena’s mutual friend, Nangula Negumbo, who knows much about the relationship, said the artist is frustrated because his bank balance is no longer healthy due to binge drinking.
“Helena left that man. Now his money is going down the drain. The car is going back soon. He cheated on her during their relationship and impregnated another girl but we didn’t see Helena going to the papers about it.
“He is playing the victim now. It’s really unfair. He refuses to let go because he knows Helena is his ATM card. He’s abnormal. He can be loving this minute and be a monster the next. They are both my friends but I can confirm that Jericho is just using her name,” said Nangula Negumbo.