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NAMAs a sophisticated fiasco

Tue, 5 May 2015 05:16
by Lovesong Mumbura

The most celebrated event in Namibian music, the Namibian Annual Music Awards, was a phenomenal night of top notch singing by international artists while the local acts failed to bring their all.
This of course goes with the exception of Female Donkey and Bullet who reminded us why local is lekker because most of the performances were as stiff as the presentation of some awards.
The show had sensational entrances with performers riding in on bikes and artists dropping to the stage from the ceiling, it was something you would only see at a Beyonce Z concert but artist seem to have worked more on their outfits and dance moves than their voices because the only voices that were on point were international acts.
This proves that Namibian musicians have a long way to go with mastering live performances, because we have not passed the stage of miming to the mic.
MTC and NBC should be given a pet on back for taking the awards international because having acts such as NiaNell and her sister RianaNell who had the crowd hypnotised with their sensational voices is legendary however they slapped themselves in the face when they cut Gazza’s performance off and then ending the night in confusion. People were still seated, waiting for more when Gazza’s sound was cut off.
The last performance usually kills the stage, it has the crowd screaming for more but I guess MTC/NBC was paying for the venue by the hour and could not wait for Gazza to finish his performance.
Even with this, it was refreshing to see new faces receiving awards, with first time winners such as Black Vulcanite, Donsy and Daisy and StarDust.
This new girl duo,StarDust had the crowds gasping for air as they continued to rule the awards, something that has not been seen in a long time since the split of Gal Level. These girls were the youngest winners of the night who managed to walk away with Best House, while this award was expected to go Shuna. The girls also bagged Best Group/Due as well as Best Reggae.
Weird moments:
Even though the awards have gone international with its setup, it still has loopholes such security being MIA when you need them. Some guy went on stage and literally shouted, Shut up everybody then went on to rant about something not being recognised. We have not seen that kind of madness since Crazy LadyMay’s *goodnight mother%#@* moment a few years back.
Security was too far to snatch him off stage, and while this was happening another altercation was about to turn into a really sticky situation with a man in the VIP section threatening to throw a chair at the media, for taking pictures in front of him.
This is another thing that MTC and NBC have not learned, international shows like this media is put in a booth, not placed in a crowd where they evidently have to get in front of the crowd. FAIL!
Presenters and Winners still come to the show like they were surprised, someone needs to communicate it to NAMA winner D-Naff that no one goes to the awards in sweat pants, and we need to fire some of the stylists that styles the presenters because we have graduated from showing nipples on stage to dressing presenters up in *Oshako yufila* maize meal sacks. People paid travelled from all around the country to watch a show that was supposed to have improved but it seemed to have gotten worse.
D-Naff seems to have been dressed by the same person who dressed Female Donkey because she showed up in this contraption of a dress that made her look like a drag queen in mourning. A dress with a tail that looked like it had dead animals and a hat that was bigger than herself.
All in all it was a night of glam and most people would be looking forward to the show next year, as long as it doesn’t drag people to the coast in winter.