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The day South Africans slept with a boob in the mouth

Mon, 20 April 2015 03:06
by Editor
News Flash

Xenophobia, Afro-phobia, black on black  and anything that has anything to do with one African not liking another is certainly one that does not fit in the confines of the guidelines binding the Southern African Development Community (SADC) let alone the African Unity (AU).
Such segregation has potential to push back the continent to the fringes of misunderstanding, turmoil and hatred that will jeopardise all the years that have been cultivated to create peace, stability and unity.
More so now that the whole continent is looking at a potential breakdown of borders through the initiation of a grandiose Tripartite Free Trade Agreements that aim to promote free movement of goods and people within African borders.
It is at the behest of the SADC region talking of unification creation of a systematically and economically connected region that the ugly face of xenophobia and Afro-phobia has rocked the regional powerhouse of South Africa. Perhaps thanks to one misguided King of the Zulus in that country who probably went to sleep for a short while and forgot that his words has power to control his subordinates in the wrong way.
No matter how difficult the situation is for South Africans there is no reason for them to forget that it is the very same country that got assistance from the likes of Zambia Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and all its neighbours to deal with the yoke of apartheid.
 Certainly if ever there was a country that could be allowed to be xenophobic then the Zambians could have been given the benefit of the doubt because they certainly suffered to give the whole region independence. Other scholars actually argue that Zambia’s economic status today is a result of the Kenneth Kaunda Government spending what they did not have to make sure that the whole region was liberated. Now that is the face of an African leader who and country that knows the importance of its brothers.
 One wonders when South Africans believed that they are god enough to leave in isolation without the help of other Africans. Even more wonders when South Africans deliberately forgot the notion that a good number of their country men are also living in other people’s countries in search of what they would term a better living.
Since when did South Africans forget so early that the essence of life is to face the problem that is haunting you rather than apportioning the blame to the next individual? Since when did South Africans go to sleep with the whole boob in their mouth forgetting that all the sweet moments they are enjoying today only came as a result of certain nations suffering to liberate them?
All these are questions that Xenophobia does not answer. They are also questions that the right thinking South African would have to ask himself or herself before engaging in ungodly, unholy and uncouth acts like Xenophobia.
One also wonders where the leadership of that country is as their citizens butcher other Africans all in the name of fighting for their jobs. Recently President Jacob Zuma added his voice to combating xenophobia but all the same that condemnation did not sound like of a leader who is willing to summon and deal decisively with the scourge that is facing his country today.
You do not fight fire with fire
Over the weekends there were reports that Zambians and Mozambicans have started retaliating by attacking South African trucks in their countries or by merely asking them to go back. Perhaps this is the last resort in Africa dealing with the real issue where a brother does not like a brother but would rather embrace a European tourist. African leaders need to find a comprehensive way of dealing with the problem faced by South Africa in a manner that does not show emotion or retaliation. There is need for the South African Government to reprimand that Zulu King Zwelithini or better still whatever he likes to call himself to come reality and respect human life. One person in the South African Government needs to tell the ‘King’ that his venomous tongue is an indirect cause of the unrest facing that country today instead of sugar coating him and pretending he is the messiah when he is shaping up to be the face of segregation and cruelty.
There is a definite need for President Zuma to ask for forgiveness from the African brothers that his people have infringed in the process. It is not far away when the likes of former President Thabo Mbeki were seeking refuge in other countries to be able to orchestrate their fight against apartheid.
Once an idiot always an idiot
This is the third time that the ugly face of xenophobia is pitching in South Arica and that simply tells you that those unbaptised idiots behind it do not learn. If they could not regret the massacre of human beings that happened in 2008 and safely repeat it in 2015 one would easily see that it will take the longest baptism to change an idiot to a human being.
Perhaps those that believe that hunger in  their houses was brought by that foreigner who is running away from persecution or looking for better opportunities  is only but an idiot.
There is a definite need to embrace globalisation with both its benefits and regrets because this is a policy that we all embraced or pretended to believe works.
 It is unfortunate that African brothers have joy in slaughtering each other with matches while embracing anyone that has a different skin coat to themselves. This all that has become of the so called Ubuntu at least in South Africa but never should such stupidities be celebrated.