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Teachers are lazy-Ilukena

Mon, 13 April 2015 12:58
by Jona Musheko

Ministry of
Secretary Alfred Ilukena
has called Namibian
teachers lazy, for
complaining about
doing additional work in
administration for their
schools besides teaching.
Ilukena said that
additional administrative
activities that are given to
teachers are ways to train
and expose teachers to
future leadership positions
like head of department
and school principals.
“We cannot hire
someone to prepare a
lesson plan for you,
teaching is a broad
concept and delivering a
lesson is the final process,”
says Ilukena. He added
that lesson preparation has
to include taking record
of what a teacher do and
what they are planning
to teach. He said taking
record of your activities as
a teacher enables schoolsinspectors to look at what
you do and see whether
you are teaching what you
suppose to teach.
Ilukena also stated that
extra curriculum activities
are not directly imposed
on teachers but it is done
voluntarily. He further
explained that decisions
are done at school level
where every teacher has
to choose what they can
be involved in to add
on their formal teaching
duties. “In our education
system we have what we
call hidden curriculum,
additional activities such
as sports, debate clubs
and other school clubs.
These activities indirectly
they play a major role
and enrich the formal
education structure and
they have to be done by
teachers,” he said, adding
that, if teacher cannot do
these assignments who
else can do it for them?
He added the Ministry
has made effort to have
life skill teachers who
help taking up training
leaners in various life
related issues like religious
morals. He said skills
gained from this subject
prepares learners for after
school environment.
Ilukena also stated
that teachers that are
assisting with teaching
some subjects under
Namibia College of Open
Education (Namcol) they
voluntarily apply for it but
not forced by anyone. “It
is an individual decision
that has to be taken by
teachers, but what we
are concerned with is to
ensure that those being
involved with Namcol
it does not affect the
education of our full
time students,” says
Ilukena. He stated that
the school management
only get involved when
they realized that a certain
teacher is not performing
well anymore after being
involved with Namcol. He
further explained that that
particular teacher, with
procedures followed, will
have to be stopped from
teaching part time classes
for Namcol to avoid those
failing full time students.
Ilukena said that after
the experiment that was
done by Namcol, they
now have the right to
appoint full time teachers
who are directly under
their control. He added
that even though they are
somehow independent,
it will not stop them
from continue borrowing
fulltime teachers. There
are assessments that
are done by Namcol to
determine whether they
can still continue any
teacher they have recruited
on a one year contract.
There is a possibility that
Namcol will be having
its own tutors or teachers
and it will reduce the
pressure on teachers who
are already full time.
According to him it is
also a matter of lack of
qualified teachers in the
country that leads to
Namcol borrowing full
time teachersIt has been reported
that tutors who offer
tutorials to Namcol
students are normally
exhausted and very few
of these tutors go to
Namcol tutorials. It was
also reported that not
all of them really offer
quality education to their
students because they have
spent half a day with full
time students. It also has
been reported that some
tutors are tutoring only
for monetary gain from
Namcol, and it can be seen
as a result many Namcol
students have to repeat
subjects 2 to 3 years.