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Governors should hit the ground running

Mon, 13 April 2015 12:25
by Editor
News Flash

Last week President Hage Geingob
announced a vital component of his
administration, the Governors of all
the regions.
While some of the names announced are
not new and others are new to such roles it is
important to note that those assigned such roles
should understand their mandate and bear in
mind that there is no time to mature but to hit
the ground running.
The regions are supposed to be the corner
stones of development if the country is talk to
reach its ambitious vision 2030 which aims to
make the country an industrial hub.
Those who made the cut to the Geingob
regional team include:
1. Hon. Cleophas Mutjavikua – Erongo Region;
2. Hon. Esme Sophia Isaack – Hardap Region;
3. Hon. Lucia Basson – Karas Region;
4. Hon. Samuel Mbambo – Kavango East
5. Hon. Sirkka Ausiku – Kavango West Region;
6. Hon. Laura McLeod – Katjirua – Khomas
7. Hon. Angelika Muharukua – Kunene Region;
8. Hon. Usko Nghaamwa – Ohangwena Region;
9. Hon. Festus Ueitele – Omaheke Region;
10. Hon. Erkki Endjala – Omusati Region;
11. Hon. Clemens Kashuupulwa – Oshana
12. Hon. Henock Kankoshi – Oshikoto Region;
13. Hon. Otto Iipinge – Otjozondjupa Region;
14. Hon. Lawrence Sampofu – Zambezi Region.
Governors are expected to:
l To act as the political head of the region;
l To be the link between the central
Government and the Regional Council, Local
Authorities and Traditional Leaders in the
l To act as the representative of the central
Government in the region;
l To oversee the exercise
of any executive function
of Government in the
region, in consultation
with the Minister of any
l To deliver a State of the
Region Address once every year in accordance
with Article 110A (5) and (6) of the Namibian
l To investigate and report on any matter
relating to the region if requested to investigate
such matter by the President or the Minister of
Urban and Rural Planning;
l To keep abreast of developments relating
to the region and to bring any matter to the
attention of the President or the relevant
Minister if deemed advisable;
l To settle or mediate any dispute or other
matter that might arise in the region;
l To coordinate with the Chairperson of
the Regional Council and Members of the
Management Committee and other Councillors
on such matters which are relevant to the
functions of the Regional Council;
l To coordinate the functions and activities
relevant to Local and Traditional Authorities in
the region; and
l To perform any other duties that may be
assigned by the President, the Minister of Urban
and Rural Planning, and as may be consulted
with the President, by any Member of Cabinet,
Director-General or the Attorney-General.
Economic zones
The regions are
expected to be the major
drivers of the economy
through creating economic
zones. In most developed
countries the regions play
a vital role in driving the national development
This is where the small back industries are
expected to be supported with the relevant
finances to grow and in the process stimulate
the national economy.
While it will not be easy for the new
Governors bearing in mind that very little is
happening in the manufacturing industry, the
Governors need to find a way of cutting down
on the rural urban migration drift.
Some of the Governors in the least
developed regions need to create value chains
for the farmers in their area to find somewhere
to sell their produces without
Coordination with councillors
There is also the obvious need for Governors
to be well vested in their regions and work
closely with the different councillors of the
towns and municipalities f their regions to drive
developmental agendas.
The Governors need to come up with a
developmental system that communicates with
the set national plans.
So far there has been good correlation by the
previous governors but the current regime need
to face the reality that for the country to fight
poverty there is need to boost key sectors like
Those that are taking over desert dominated
areas need to come up with ample.
Some of the regional Governors especially
those ones from the north and north eastern
part of the country also need to find a lasting
solution that will see those regions dealing
decisively with the crippling effects of recurrent
floods which have made it difficult to produce
Perhaps the idea of food banks in those
region is something that the newly appointed
Governors need to push for the national
Government to endorse if Namibia is going to
be food self-sufficient country that does not
need to import the bulk of its consumables in
the future