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Moral decay needs traditional leaderÔÇÖs intervention

Mon, 30 March 2015 11:34
by Editor
News Flash

Namibia has of late witnessed worrying trends of moral decadency so much that whenever a societal atrocity is committed people can come up with crafty names of dealing with it. Imagine someone has gone to such a point where they have to create names such as passion killing.
I would have imagined that 25 years in an independent country no one will be stupid enough to call a murder a passion killing worse still a crime of passion. In the same vein more often children are now being exposed to some of the worst scenarios in society through the advent of technology. Well society call them sex tapes.
 Just recently one student from Unam had to bear the brunt of her creativity in bed when her sex tape was leaked publicly. The same has been the predicament that Namibia’s only Big Brother Africa winner, Dellish Mathews had to go through. She also had her own difficulties dealing with sex tapes whether these have been proven or not no one knows.
One wonders where humanity is when it is needed the most. While many spoke and condemned the so called passion killings last year when they reached proportional levels the same crimes are still continuing unabated. It has become a norm that in a fortnight one newspaper or the other will have screaming headlines.
It is unfortunate that somewhat society has found a way of glorifying an uncouth act of murder by intent in society by giving it a name like passion killing. One would ask though, Is there any passion in killing, or is there in killing in passion in killing? This should just be called blatant murder no passion in it and the sooner the people the better.
It will be imperative to ask in this modern day whether it is really fair for a disgruntled guy who cannot stomach rejection from a woman to reveal publicly the inner most sensitive parts of their sexual relationship through public platforms.
Perhaps to those who do not have no respect to their sisters its fascinating to see a young woman being portrayed as a sex goddess in a manner his or her own parents could never imagine. Well these are the results of a rotten society. One where the so called sex tapes and passion killings have taken over.
Has modernisation taken over
traditional belief?
Ironically some of these moral decay has taken place in the areas that are well known to be bonded by strict traditional beliefs and customs. The question that many would want to answer is what happens to the modern child when he arrives in an urban setup. This is the time that the country needs wide consultation with traditional leaders.
In the York of traditional set ups barely would you see many teenagers flaunting their ability to impress a man through public platforms. Perhaps the only way out is to go back to the traditional way of thinking where people are bonded by Ubuntu.
 It is important that even those that have been taken over by city life remember that human life and dignity is important. Such morals ae the facets of a traditional setup and it has always been a norm that some of the jurisdictions under traditional
 The Namibian society needs to find its roots in the traditional set up. Perhaps there is also a serious need for Government to also consult widely with the traditional set up of the country if the country is to come up with an effective way of dealing with societal ills.
Genuine drive being made
One would also want to commend the latest manoeuvres by the recently appointed Attorney General Sacky Shanghala for going back to the roots. Shanghala’s first statements after his appointment was to acknowledge that there is a need to take a close look at traditional marriages.
While many might not concur with such a move it is one of those issues that have left women in traditional marriages at the mercy of greedy relatives. Many traditionally married women have been left counting their loses whenever their husbands die. At the same time in the past it has always been a taboo in traditional setups to hear of murder o the so called crimes.