New-turn, a lover of music

To many she is the girl on “This ain’t High School” from Exit’s latest album and also the girl who is on Tate Buti’s “Happy Day” track. According to her however, she is just a lover of music hailing from the town of Oshakati. Church-girl-turned-feature-queen says she expresses herself through afro-pop and dancehall.
New-Turn, who sat down with The Villager this week, says “I remember sharing a stage at school with Exit but that time he was Rough Cat, when I used to flow like a guy and the late 50 Nampila Tobias would always call me ‘Mshooza’ wana-be.
She is not signed to any label because she does not want the pressures of having to release a hit once in a while “I do not want to be forced to sing because I have my moments” she said.
 Where does your passion for music come from?
I grew up listening to Rebecca Malope, Brenda Fassie and many more gospel/ dancehall singers. That’s when I started singing in church at a very young age, until Mafikizolo came in the picture. Well, I think that is where it started.
Have you ever done any public performances? How was the crowd’s reception?
Yes I did. I think my very first performance was with Tate Buti at the Copper Festival in 2007. Everybody was dancing, I mean those days the performances did not really matter because people concentrated more on the master artist like Tate Buti and I felt out of place.
You have built a reputation for yourself as a feature queen. Why do you think musicians prefer to have you on their tracks?
I don’t really know but I think it’s because of my strong voice and the fact that I do write my verses or choruses myself. I don’t really depend on anyone for that. Unlike some other female artists where u have to write for them and give them a melody. NAKA, Exit, Dion and Mushe can back me up on that one.
Considering the genre that you do now, what other genres do you wish you had the talent for?
Hip-hop, this is something that I really wish I was good at. It’s effortless and u can say any kind of word you think of.
Is music something that you want to be doing for a long time or is it part-time and a form of passing time?
I do music every day of my life because I’m a lead singer in our Church, The Door of Sheep Ministries, and I sing almost every day.
As a female musician, who are the other female musicians in Namibia who give you the inspiration to sing?
Blossom. This child just knows how to use that traditional voice she has, she is the only female artist that made me drop tears when listening to her.
What is the best Namibian track you have ever heard and what is the worst?
Otashikeenda nawa by PDK this is the best track I have ever had. Patrick reminding me of the days we were going to school without fancy lunch boxes. 
The worst song was Ongheto ya Mahai by Mahai. I don’t wanna say much about this track kaa!
Are you working on an album?
Nah! I don’t need an album. In fact, I am just way too lazy for that. I hate recording. Ask WAKA he knows. Lol!
If you could be in a music group with 2 Namibian artists who would they be and what would you call the group?
Dion from PDK and Exit....just these two are both Lyrical young stars now if I have to add my oshiwambo metallic melody, this world will go Kabooom!
What do you think will be song of the year at the NAMAs this year?
To be honest I don’t even know if there are NAMAS this year, I’m a bit behind with that.
Who do you think will win female and male artist of the year this year?
Anyone who deserves that can be.
What do you think about an introduction of the ministry of poverty?
First I need to know the vision and the mission of the Ministry, then I can give my thoughts according to their mission and vision, which I hope eradicating poverty is one of them.
If you could create a ministry, what would it be and what will its functions be?
I could not create any whoever. I wish to divide Ministry of Youth from Sports and culture, so that they may be two different Ministries. Trust me I have a concrete reason for that.
What is the worst think you have ever been called?
Okaxocha, which means a girl. I don’t like the word itself.
Has any man ever told you that you look like Beyoncé?
Nah! That would be the biggest lie ever.
If you could wear only one colour for the rest of the year what would it be?
Black, this colour defines me. Are you a heels kind of girl or an all stars kind of girl? I’m a both Heels and All Star kind of girl.