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Man haunted by talking wallet

by Chris-Paul


olavi Kakutu, an employee of Soweto U-save is a troubled man. After allegedly stealing a hand-bag full of money and other items at the Soweto bus stop in Katutura, a fortnight ago, his life has changed to be like a scene from a Nigerian movie.
The bag belonged to a Zimbabwean national who was travelling back to his/her country had US Dollar notes and South African rands in it. The US Dollar is the official currency of Zimbabwe.
Olavi stole the bag as people hurried to get on board one of the kombies. “It happened when we were all caught up in the rush of loading things on the bus. This guy saw that we weren’t paying attention and then took it away. I think the owner went to consult traditionally to fix the thief,” said a Zimbabwean national, Josh Khoza.
But Olavi claims to have gotten the bag on top of a fridge in Soweto U-save, whereby he opened the bag and saw that there was no money in Namibian currency in it. “I found a Zimbabwean passport in the bag, which I dropped at the benches at Soweto Market hoping that the owner would find it. I went with the bag and the rest of the contents home, which included a key ring, U$3, a watch and a crucifix. There was no money in Namibian dollars,” said Olavi.
According to Olavi, three days later, he started hearing a voice telling him to take the bag back to the owner and he cannot seem to find the owner. Everyday, he goes to Soweto Market in search of the owner, alas, to no avail.
 “My heart has been pounding very fast as a voice keeps saying, ‘take back that bag to the owner, it doesn’t belong to you,” said Olavi.
Olavi’s mother (Lucia Shakala) and brother (Theo Shikutu) both confirmed to V-Metro that he maybe experiencing temporary insanity because of this very strange ordeal. “He keeps talking to himself like a mad man, supposedly responding to the voice. We have urged him to tell us exactly what is going on and we are now trying to find the owner,” said Shakala.
Shikutu added; “That bag has some magical powers. For a moment, we were worried he was going to die. For the whole of last week, he did not go to work.” The family has not contacted the police yet but are willing to hand back the bag to its rightful owner. V-Metro understands however that the owner of the bag is in Zimbabwe already where he/she is remote controlling the luggage.