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Street kids to be put in school

Mon, 9 February 2015 06:52
by Comfort Ajibola

The Ministry of Education is working on an Education scheme that will include the placing of street children in homes and schools as part of the universal education program.
The Namibian education system has been criticized for secluding street children or children who have run away from troubled homes as it has done with the children in the San communities in the past, but is now working on a strategy that will ensure that children from all back grounds are placed in schools.
The Minister of Education, David Namwandi, said, “We are in the process of formulating a strategy to make sure that every Namibia child is in school. We cannot leave any stones un-turned, we will make sure of that even if we have to round them up ourselves, we will not allow any Namibian child to be in the street. We are providing education free so why should we allow that.”
He mentioned that this strategy is a new initiative by the ministry and that the ministry will inform the public after it had been concluded and finalised.
“We cannot mention much about the strategy now but in due time all will be announced to the public” he stated.
However, he commented that the strategy will cover all necessary aspects even providing accommodation for children who have been living on the streets and have no formal living accommodation, all this to make sure that children register and stay in school.
“The constitution will not allow children to stay out of school until they finish their grade 12. This mechanism is not an easy thing but we will work out a strategy to make sure that all Namibian children, irrespective of whether they are orphans or with parents. We cannot allow our kids to be in the streets, never.” He added.
Gibson Augustus, Legal Educator at the Legal Assistance Center said that the initiative will be a good should the government pull off the strategy.