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Blacksheep to ditch music

Mon, 8 December 2014 05:28
by Chris-Paul

After nearly five years under Gazza Music Production (GMP) that yielded three studio albums, Blacksheep informed Vibe that he intends to quit music after his fourth album.
Blacksheep, who works for an IT consulting company and has various business interest, said mixing music with business is taking its toll on him.
“I don’t want to mix things up anymore and I’m not going to go out of my way for music anymore. I just want focus on business, things are starting to pick up only now and there will be no space for music. I have been advised not to announce it just yet, so I’m only telling you,” said Blacksheep.
The artist, who has released albums such as The Blacksheep Show, Kalyampombo, Exodus, said the future looks greener away from the music.
 Quizzed if the label is aware of his intention to quit music, Blacksheep said label owner Gazza doubted he will completely walk away from music.
“When I told Gazza about it, he said he was sure I will make a U-turn because music is addictive. Well I don’t see myself coming back like Jay-Z, I think my mind is made up,” said Blacksheep.
The artist also prided himself of having forged a special relationship with his label over the years based on his friendship with Gazza.
“I take all the proceeds from shows and album sales and the label does not claim anything from me and not many can claim to have a relationship like that with their label in this country. It is still a business relationship that we have, but it is just special,” he said.
The last album, titled ‘Olufo Lange’ which is an Oshiwambo language saying that translates as ‘my turn’, is due for release early next year. It features both local heavyweights and upcoming artists, as Tequila and Gazza make guest appearances.
“I had about 30 songs and we decided on the final number of songs that fit on the CD, songs that are right for the album as well. I have house, kwaito, hip hop and traditional all fused together nicely in a final album,” said Blacksheep.  
Blacksheep, who inherited the Gazza and The Dogg beef since joining the label, even culminating in a diss record on his debut album directed at The Dogg, has also followed suit in the peace-making.
“There is nothing to fight for now, back then the fight was all about territory and domination. I wouldn’t say the Dogg and I are close, but we speak now and there is no animosity. I said what I had to say about him because that’s how things were back then, but it is a different picture now,” said Blacksheep.