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Tobias is at it again . . .

Mon, 1 December 2014 16:56
by Timoteus Shihepo

WHILE MTC Sunshine
Boxing Academy
Promoter, Nestor
Tobias, seems to have stopped
the tendency of playing the hand
of God in making sure that his
fighters emerge victorious by
fighting weak opponents, he seem
to have come up with new tricks
This is because for months we
have heard of boxing matches that
are promoted by Tobias which are
titled ‘final shot to the world title’.
These matches were supposed to
be the last boxing events before
our boxers take on international
boxers for the world titles but just
over a month before New Year
we still don’t have World Boxing
Organization (WBO) champion.
Instead of organizing
international titles as promised,
Tobias instead is organizing
another pikinini fights in the
month of December. First starting
with the boxing bonanza slated
for the 6th of next month-will see
Immanuel “The Prince” Naindjala
taking on South African-Gideon
Buthelezi on the WBO Africa
Bantamweight twelve rounder as
the main bout.
This will be followed by
another bonanza at the Northern
part of the country, Helao Nafidi
Town on the 20th of December
where Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses
is expected to trade blows with
Jorge Rodrigues of Argentina,
while the Rock Ambunda has a
date with South African-Thsifiwa
Yes, Moses and Ambunda will
not be fighting the handpicked
inexperienced boxers from
Zimbabwe but don’t just get
excited yet because all the
Namibian opponents are not world
champions which means that we
as Namibians we will be deceived
into believing that these upcoming
fights are a stepping stone to
world title fights but in truth they
are not. It’s just another way of
Tobias trying to make money
from passionate boxing fans who,
over the years, have forked out
money to support boxing.
Okay!! I get it. Nestor Tobias
is the best promoter in Africa
because of the awards he won,
alright… but the recent activities
of hosting fights that are titled
‘road to the title’ or ‘final shot
to the world title’ is not only
milking money from the fans’
pockets but this will also result in
Tobias’ boxers not be able to win
world titles in the long run. This
is because if Tobias continues to
stage these small fights, then by
the time our local boxers fight the
real McCoy of boxing, they will
not stand a chance of winning
as these boxers will be old by
that time and will be unable to
compete at the highest level,
much like our much fancied Harry
Maybe that is the reason why
there is no longer a Namibian who
has a World Boxing Organization
title as Paulus Ambunda,
Immanuel Naindjala and Tyson
Uushona all lost their world title
It’s high time that Tobias sets
the record straight and produce
boxers that will bring back the
glory days of boxing, win titles
and bring the smiles back to
the fans. The other option is to
continue organizing fights that
have no meaning, make money
from fans and rob his own boxers