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NFA, Brave Warriors Lady May you

by Yours Truly


It’s supposed to be the country’s number one team but it has grown to become the most disliked in the country. 

Our national soccer team, the Brave Warriors is now like Arsenal, always promising but never delivering. Lady May you Brave Warriors and your mother, NFA!

First of all, we lost 1-4 at home to Burkina Faso, nothing was done. No one bothered asking questions as to why. NFA never bothered explaining what’s next after such a result, and then after a month they want to go back to Pohamba and beg for more money in football. 

In perfect sense, Brian Isaacs, Barry Rukoro and the national team sponsors, Tafel Lager and Gazza should have explained why we deserve to torture the few that still pay attention to the Brave Warriors’ business.

Surely, why do we have to ignore such an embarrassment as if some granny has just passed wind and those affected must deal with it themselves?

Now, an international friendly match against Malawi has been called. 

I support the idea of using fringe players from the local league. 

Youngsters such as Larry Huraeb, Virgil Vries, Edmund Kambanga, Alfues Handura,  Willy Stephanus, among others, but what was the purpose of not playing them against Burkina Faso last month?

Why did we go to town about the absence of Razundara Tjikuzu and Collin Benjamin, players who are past their prime? We all knew the Burkina Faso game was nothing but a farce. Even before kick-off, perhaps only the Minister of Sports, KK, who like his predecessor has made it habit of not attending international sporting events in Namibia, did not know that Namibia was out of the  AFCON qualifiers.

That is why NFA tried to look for faults in Burkina Faso by complaining to CAF over the usage of a Cameroon-born player by the visitors. 

NFA knew we were out of the competition before kick-off and was looking for the best way to get in. If I was Barry Rukoro, I would withdraw that complaint because it was Namibia who did not complain when that same player debuted against us in Ouagadougou.

Our faults with the national team go beyond the absence of money. It’s now lack of foresight.  And this is where I need Lady May. They should call her for a speech at the NFA awards. 

Someone lied to Brian Isaacs and Ronnie Kanalelo that if we use Richard Gariseb (31), Oliver Risser (31) and Sidney Plaatjies (32) in defence, we would become another Italy and conquer. 

Obviously, if Collin (32) and Razy (32) had showed up, we could have played with five players on the wrong side of football history, in a match which was of no significance.

I don’t have a problem with fielding them because they are good players except Plaatjies. I have a problem with what we are doing with them next year. No, at the end of this year? 

We knew we are out of the competition, and fielding a junior team, just like the same team going to Malawi would have eased pressure on the coaches because we would tell the sponsors and Kazenambo that even if we lose by five goals, it’s not a problem because we are now building for 2015.

Eight of those players who played last month will not be there in 2015. So why did we use them when we knew what the odds are in a three team group? And now we want to use these local boys against Malawi whom I foresee will use an U23 side. What if we lose 4-1 again in Lilongwe? Will NFA keep quiet again? Lady May you guys for playing with our football feelings. 

What and where is the roadmap from the national team for the 2015 AFCON?  Because we will certainly want the money come that time, yet we have no plans in place.  

I see this Malawi bound team not being used again for sometime. Namibia will not be at the next two African Cup of Nations at this pace.

The interesting fact is that two coaches have lost their jobs after playing against Malawi, a side that we never seem to know how to beat in recent history. The last coach to lose at Malawi was Arie Schans, and he lost his job afterwards. Watch out Brian. I see us losing by more than 2 goals in Malawi, but I don’t see a solution or an explanation from NFA afterwards.

I’m back.