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Mbidi who? ...

Mon, 17 November 2014 02:29
by Timoteus Shihepo

Yes! Its official, Namibian football will never be the same again. Namibia Football Association (NFA) President John Muinjo has confirmed that he will step down in December and a new president will be elected to elevate Namibian football to new heights.
Finally the new president will shake up the NFA, we will finally live to see the Brave Warriors winning two consecutive games again and qualifying for a major event after almost six years’ absence. Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. Oh wait… not so fast. Muinjo has just picked Franz Mbidi as the man he wants to replace him…what? Mbidi who?
Apparently he is the Namibia Football Association’s Oshana Region Chairman. Seriously, can Muinjo not just leave the post without leaving any trace of him behind? Did he pick Mbidi as his preferred candidate because Mbidi is the right man to lead NFA or are there other reasons that some of us are not aware of?
I get it, am hearing he is a businessman with several businesses. Alright! But does Mbidi has the qualities to lead such an organization? Is he the right man to lead NFA from its current troubles? Does he possess the guts to disagree with the NFA’s big man, Secretary General, Barry Rukoro when a situation arises?
I am not questioning Mr. Mbidi’s qualities as a person. What I am questioning however, is his qualities to lead a big organization as NFA.  Maybe its ignorance but before these latest developments I have never heard of Mbidi before and judging from the people I have engaged in conversation with about this topic, they too have no clue who Mbidi is.
I thought it was just ignorance from my part and when I heard that Mbidi is currently also serving on the NFA Executive Committee, I asked myself ‘was he not supposed to make noise somewhere for people to know him and increase his popularity levels in the process?’
The man to take on Mbidi for the NFA Presidency is Black Africa’s Chairman, Ranga Haikali, does he possess the qualities? …Eish! hard to say.
Right now the NFA needs qualities of someone like Namibian Rugby Union Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sybrand de Beer, who despite beings against all the odds, led the NRU from their deep troubles all the way to their fifth consecutive IRB World Cup.
Whoever wins the race for NFA’s top seat, come the elective congress on the sixth of December, should make an effort of paging through the NRU’s last strategic plan so that he can learn a thing or two and lead the NFA into a formidable organization which, hopefully, will improve the results and bring smiles on our faces in the process. Over to you Gents!