Blatter is right on racism


For me, racism is about treating people equally and the same rules for all, irrespective of the colour of their skin.

And this is important, because the bad must come with the good. For example; every time I stand in a queue (in a bank or at the municipality) and a white fellow comes in and gets served before me, you could imagine what will be going through my mind at that point. I was driving past the Okahandja check-point the other day, and my car was stopped for inspection but the white guy behind me was told to proceed without a question. Again, you can guess what I thought.

Because he saw the colour of his skin, I decided to confront him, only to realise later that the police guy had little clue on the Queen’s language and also the need not to harass terrorist.

It’s treating people different that’s racism and it comes in many forms... some very subtle. In a way, Blatter is right. If in the society we got to the point where white people were scared to death of speaking normally and behaving abnormally when in these situations, then we would get inverse racism. That is far harder to stop and pick up. I hate Blatter but I cannot help but feel that his enemies are using this to get at him. I have no problem with what he said; I have a problem with the British press trying to crucify the bugger, because FIFA under Blatter has never listened to the British FA.

They called for the goal-line technology when England bowed out of the world cup, Blatter ignored, they wanted the 2020 World Cup to their country and sought all forms of accusations, Blatter ignored. At the last FIFA Congress, England was the only country that wanted the elections not to take place, after that corruption scandal involving Blatter’s deputy; no one supported them.

So, to the British; owners of one the best football leagues in the world, there will not be access to control FIFA if Blatter is in charge. And any mistake he makes, everything should be thrown in the fray to kick him out.  

Genuine racism is largely absent from football (on and off the pitch) and the rest of society but evoked opportunistically (like the slur of “communist” or “socialist” from the other side of the political spectrum to indiscriminately discredit anyone with even mildly leftwing views) to suppress, possibly offensive but otherwise perfectly normal forms of behaviour.

Max Mbaeva shouted at the referee last week. If the referee was white, would we have said it’s racism? Yes, but not me. In Namibia, its common to discriminate using someone’s tribe, with comments like, “this foken Vambo, these Hereros,” that has become normal.

There are mighty, ideological/power-political reasons of State, why so-called “racism” is portrayed as such a heinous crime, being accused of, which is the modern equivalent of witchcraft or heresy in medieval times, used by the authorities, often via the mob, to keep the population in line with State ideology: formally Catholicism, nowadays “multiculturalism”, someone said this week.

Genuine racism is about expressions of hate or contempt for other races, while so-called “football racism” has little or nothing to do with this but with expressions of offended or confused identity caused by the madness of mass 3rd world immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably overpopulated subcontinent and the accompanying “multiculturalism” that native Europeans are having imposed on them by their respective STATES.

I don’t know what Mbaeva said to the referee during the Civics match but it should be either about the ref’s mom or the ref’s tribe. And that’s part of football language. It happens in the thick of emotions and the player will be duly punished and he will not hate the referee.

Unless if he went on for a long time, saying it.

The ideology involved, which has taken over the power-political role that church ideology played in medieval Europe (and which Islamic ideology plays today in Muslim states), is that of “one-human-racism” or “colour-blindness”, which not coincidentally is the exact but equally extreme opposite of Nazi racial ideology, denying, trivialising, ridiculing, demonising and suppressing (as “racist”) the natural ethnic basis of national identity, which is determined to replace with a State-defined multi-ethnic, pseudo-national State identity.

Race, according to this ideology, is nothing but a “social construct”, which the State is free to “reconstruct” it as it sees fit.

Sepp Blatter, there is no racism in football. If there are still any racist out there, then they should not spoil the entire sport. Those few bigots can be tackled on individual cases and that is why Blatter is right. We should not be highlighting the negatives, instead we should emphasize the positives. There are many blacks playing on European teams and have white girlfriends or wives. If there are any black ladies married or having white football boyfriends, speak up and let your voices be heard. Support Sepp Blatter now! Oh, Yes! There I see them coming forward in their thousands, from all over the world! Sepp Blatter is right. 

Resignation is out of the question. Blatter should not step down. This is nothing compared to the many corruption cases facing many Kenyan MPs, sex scandal of the South African Sports Minister, heads of government corporations and they always are never jailed! They may take them to court – just to fool the public but that is as far as it gets. They may even resign from their positions for a few months but the cases are always thrown out and the suspects reinstated. Remember the IMF guy, Dominique Strauss Khahn. Forced to resign, because someone wanted his job, yet the dude never even got a blow job from that woman in that US hotel. So, such glaringly guilty people are in office, why would Blatter even contemplate stepping down? There is no racism in sports. And, Sepp Blatter has done nothing compared to the phone-tapping issues of the British media. 

I don’t like you but stay on, Blatter. Racism is not all over the world. In Africa, we only have tribalism.