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WhoÔÇÖs the best?. . .Best man marries bride

Mon, 14 July 2014 19:45
by Chris Paul

Plumber Piet Jonathan was the best man at best friend’s Johan Bernades’ wedding six years ago and is now engaged to woman who was the bride on that day, Candice Opperman.
Jonathan (35) first met Candice at a family meeting where they discussed proceedings of Bernades (34) and Candice (30) wedding.  
Later that day, Jonathan said, he sat down with her and her husband-to-be for dinner before their nuptials the following month and something told him she was the woman of her dreams.
“We couldn’t stop looking at each other even though I knew she was marrying my best friend the following month. I had just come from Johannesburg and though I have heard a lot about her, that was the first day I met her,” said Jonathan.
Candice said she had been looking forward to meeting Jonathan because of how highly her then husband-to-be spoke about him.
“He always spoke about how wonderful he was and that made me wanting to meet him very bad. Then I got this sensation of ecstasy when I first met him, and somehow we connected telepathically,” said Candice.
Though there were little glints in the build up to the ceremony, Candice said, the two controlled and carried themselves well enough.
“He was so respectful and talked so well. He was very attentive and knew exactly how and when to say things, I began to understand why my fiancé could not stop talking about him. He was what every woman dreamed of having and I had troubles concentrating on my wedding,” she said.
As the chief assistant to the groom, Jonathan  helped and spoke with Candice a lot, helping her with the planning, but it wasn’t until after the wedding that they established a real connection.
“We stayed in touch after she had married my best friend, but we were connecting really well. WE were like each other’s confidante, we spoke over the phone a lot before, we only started meeting when their marriage problems started and I tried to always give advice,” he said.
The couple were adamant nothing happened between them until three years after the wedding when the divorce was made official.
“She called me to inform me about the divorce, she said she had to end it though it was a difficult decision to make. It was hers and her family’s decision and it had nothing to do with what was growing between us,” he said.
They soon hooked-up and toured the country together to help her get her mind off things.
Bernades said he learned about their relationship from a mutual friend, though he claimed to be happy for the engagement, he admitted that his friendship with Jonathan whom he had known since their early 20’s had not been the same.“I’m happy for them and maybe they were meant to be together. I can’t say our friendship has been the same ever since, but it is also not fair to say it is because of their relationship. It’s life such things happen in life and I wish them the best on their wedding,” Bernades said about the ceremony scheduled for Novemeber this year.
Asked if he’d accept an invite to be the best man at their wedding, he said “ I don’t know, I guess we shall have to wait and see.”