Everyone can win a tender

It came it made all the noises but Kata Investment CC still has its N$16m contract to construct houses in Otjiwarongo which was awarded by the National Housing Enterprise (NHE).
It still has its contract even after media reports emerged that Kata Investment has been paying wages that are not in line with either the old minimum wage of N$12.11 an hour or the new wage of N$13.36, which came into effect on June 1.
Even when media reports claimed that the women, who are residents of the Blikkiesdorp informal settlement, were also not provided with safety gear, which is in contradiction of the agreed conditions of employment for the industry, Kata Investment still has the tender.
Many called for the company to be stripped off the tender but all failed. Some even went on to say the company is not qualified to be awarded a tender simply because one of the owners is the Presidents’ daughter.
But is it really worth to strip someone of the tender just because the father is President? Before we go to the point of who is the father is, aren’t we suppose to point out that she is a Namibian first and she is entitled also to the country’s wealth like anyone else?
If she was not related to the President, people were likely to shower Kata Investments (which is owned by ladies) with praises for racing first to the podium in the race that involved big sharks.
But then again the questions remains did Kata Investment went through the whole tender process? Are they capable of completing the job? Will they adhere to labour laws?
If Kata Investment can tick all those boxes then they are good to go but if they miss even one box then there is a problem.
But as it stands the Kata Investment ladies are smiling and patting themselves on the back.
Everyone can win a tender.