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A true woman of substance

Tue, 27 May 2014 04:47
by Timoteus Shihepo

Audrylin Nauses says “A good teacher does not do all the work for his or her pupils, but encourages and gives them the keys that unlock doors that were previously closed to them.”
Nauses, a qualified life skills, bible teacher and counsellor used her skills and wisdom to embark into business ventures including writing and selling motivational books.
She recently launched a custom made beauty cream called Confidence Whitening Cream. The cream is used for dark spots on elbows, knees, underarms & bikini areas. The skincare products are under her newly built brand ‘Audrylin’.
Nauses reveals that the idea for starting this product line was to solve the problem for most people with colour, especially women. “The main aim is to restore skin colour and tone and confidence in my clients,” she said addingthat “The beauty cream is the first of its kind in Namibia,  Nauses says that she has no trouble with completion.”
Disliking the routine that comes with being employed by someone and rather open for challenges that comes with being her own boss motivated her to venture into business.
She adds that she wanted to do something that will give her financial freedom and a platform to purposefully stretch her as a person while at the same time providing her with the diversity to explore her creativity.
“The financial freedom come with time, but I enjoy exploring my mind and giving clients something they love or help them become better individuals,” she said.
Nauses had her first business idea in 2006 to open a beauty salon and spa but it did not go very well. After years of careful planning and maturing in the business world she started a beauty and skin care product brand with her name.
In August 2011, Nauses published her first audio book called, ‘Happy Birthday Motivational Audio Book’. She then released her first eBook, titled ‘Help, My Woman is Sitting on My Head’ in September 2012.
Nauses also organises workshops and seminars where she shares her knowledge, experience and aims to encourage others.
Born in Otjiwarongo, she describes herself as a friendly, determined and purpose driven person and in order to strengthen her knowledge has obtained a Masters of Education degree with emphasis on Student Stress in her Thesis.
 She also worked as a Student Support Lecturer at the centre of external studies at the University of Namibia (Unam).
According to Nauses, her entrepreneurial skills are self-taught and derived from lessons learned from different experiences she has encountered in the business arena.
“I read a lot and do research online to keep myself up to date about the business world,” she notes.
According to her, the main challenge upon starting her was not having enough funds to cover all the expenses that come with the production and delivery of the beauty creams.
“I had to invest all my savings into it, a very risky decision, but I don’t regret doing that,” she said.
However, decentralizing the business and making her products accessible to everyone is one of her goals in order to increase sales.  
Nauses said that it is not easy to run and sustain a business in a country with a small population like Namibia, unless your focus is regional or the idea meets the basic needs of the population, target group or country.
She added that her cream has natural and herbal ingredients that don’t damage the skin or cause it to go darker when you discontinue using it.
“You can see the results within two weeks if you apply the cream twice a day. It doesn’t contain hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that burns and damages the skin and claims to do the job faster,” she said.
Nauses makes use of quiet business days to act on ideas and market the product to potential clients; the company currently employs one sales agent. She emphasises one of her long time goals is to expand her brand to other African countries.  
According to her, most of her profit goes back to marketing as building her brand is a top priority.  Furthermore, as part of her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), she buys winter blankets for street kids and a children’s home of her choice every year.