Baby, nappies dumped under a tree

Police in Oshakati have opened a case of neglect and baby dumping CR 08/05/2015 after a three day old baby boy was discovered wrapped up in a blanket under a tree. The incident happened at Ompumbu village in Oshana region on Saturday last weekend. The baby was discovered next to a basin that contained disposable nappies.
 While it is not known who the culprit is, the police in the meantime have sent out a message to all those living in the villages surrounding Ompumbu to report any woman who was recently pregnant and but has no baby.
According to Oshana Police the baby is currently hospitalized at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital and his is said to be in a healthy condition weighing 3,6 kg’s.
Radio announcements with regard to the incident have also been aired and investigations continue.