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Dad stops crying baby with booze

Mon, 14 April 2014 03:13
by Chris-Paul

Men - especially drunkards - should not babysit, they say. This, an Oshakati-based mother of a five-month old baby, Anna Kandaha Nangolo, found out the hard way last week.
Kandaha (26) says she had to leave home to sell her kapana and without a choice, left her baby girl in the care of her cohabiting boyfriend, Titus Amaambo (34).
“I left him drinking with his friends. He promised to take care of the baby and would only call me to come home in case of an emergency,” recounts Kandaha.
 The toddler’s mother narrates her horror when she got home later that afternoon to find the baby crying incessantly.
“I became very worried and started to investigate what the problem could be. That’s when I discovered my baby’s milk bottle oozing of an alcoholic stench. It took a very long time before my boyfriend admitted to having put alcohol in the baby’s milk bottle to keep her from crying,” she relates, adding, as soon as the baby’s temperature started to rise, they rushed her to the hospital where doctors found her to have breathing problems.
“Doctors said they had to keep her overnight to monitor her condition, as they suspected her blood sugar levels might have been affected,” sobs Kandaha.
Fortunately for them, the doctor on duty knew exactly what was wrong with their little girl and even pointed out that other doctors could have simply given the baby pills and sent her home.
Kandaha says gratefully: “Most clueless doctors often prescribe painkillers or Panados and send you home, even when you could be dying. Lucky for me, my baby recovered the next day. I rested for two days after the ordeal and I now take her with me to work”.
Amaambo admits to administering the alcohol, after getting annoyed by the baby’s incessant cries, which prevented him from having fun with his friends.
“One of my friends came up with the idea to add alcohol into the baby’s milk bottle to put her to sleep and I honestly believed it could work. He said it works with his kid. I guess I was wrong. I did all this under the influence of alcohol and I regret putting my daughter in such danger. This would not have happened if I was sober,” says a sober, apologetic Amaambo.