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Tura minors practice lesbianism to curb teen pregnancy

Mon, 10 March 2014 02:54
by Chris-Paul

Young female residents of Malaka Draai in Katutura’s Damara Location, who are both 15 years old, are in a homosexual relationship, because they do not want to fall pregnant as their peers.
Although the pair have been seeing each other since late last year and their parents are unaware of it, most of their peers in the neighborhood are aware of their relationship, because “it is considered the in-thing in this part of Katutura”.
“There are many lesbians around here. It has become quite normal for us,” said one of the teens, adding, the nature of their relationship is characterised by quite “unusual” sexual practices they believe come with homosexuality.
“I’m still a virgin if that’s what you’re curious about,” quipped the vibrant one of the two when V-Metro probed about what kind of “practices” she had initially cited in the conversation.
She added; “I broke up with my ex-boyfriend because he wanted sex whenever we were together. He still wants me back.”  
Both girls who are in junior high school claim to be happy in their relationship and believe it is safer than being in a heterosexual relationship, as with the latter, one can naturally not fall pregnant.
While the ‘boyfriend’ appears to have a laidback demeanor to her with a hangdog expression, her partner seems outgoing given her talkativeness.
“There are many teenage mothers in Malaka Draai, so we have chosen this, because we do not want to end up like them,” the talkative one said, as the other nodded.
As much as their behaviour gave a different impression, the teens claim they do not abuse alcohol or illicit drugs.
“We are just about music and swag; we love to dress well and look good. We do not drink or smoke weed like most teenagers around here”.
As with ‘any’ other relationship, theirs has its challenges too.
“I don’t like it when my partner stares at other girls and she does not like it when I talk to boys, especially those who like me. We argue about silly things like downloading songs, losing one’s headsets and such, nothing major”.
The teens believe they will one day return to their roots and make families in heterosexual relationships, because of parental pressure. But that’s in the distant future. For now, they vow to enjoy every moment in the bent-wrist society.
Despite their refusal to provide details of their parents, V-Metro is reliably informed the teens are patrons at a popular Katutura bar previously known as Sully Inn.