Spur is as great a date spot as any - Leizy

How did you get into radio?
Well, a man called Sir Kauluma often invited me over to discuss soccer on Radio Energy after noticing my knowledge of the sport. I eventually became a regular guest of the show. In 2000, Energy management asked me to assist Rosalia Shapalino on the Onyika show. They seemed to like what I did so I was soon made a permanent staff member. The rest, as they say, is history.
So how often do you have to explain to people that you’re not actually lazy?
[Laughs] Well, a lot, actually. The name is derived from my real name, Lazarus. But my friends in school were too lazy, ironically, to say the whole thing, so they started calling me Lazy. I changed the spelling to ‘Leizy’ so I wouldn’t be associated with idleness but since the pronunciation is the same, people still think I’m lazy.
What would you say has been your happiest moment ever?
Travelling to the United States in 2000. Disney World wanted Namibians to go there and serve as cultural ambassadors for one of their shows and I ended up being picked. Seeing Orlando, Florida, was amazing.
Who is your favourite local artist?
The Dogg, PDK, Tate Buti and Sally. That’s not to say I don’t like the rest; everyone has a favourite.
Who’s your favourite local sports personality?
Definitely Frankie Fredericks. Even though I’m not an athlete, he’s such an inspiration to me. You do not read anything negative about Frankie in the papers and that’s so cool.
What career did you aspire to as a kid?
My father was in construction, so I wanted to be an engineer. Unfortunately, it never happened. I hope my son achieves it on my behalf some day.
What has been your most embarrassing moment to date?
When you go on radio, there’s an ‘ON AIR’ button you have to push on and off, which allows you to speak on or off-air. Once, during a show, I forgot to push the knob down and started chatting up my kamboroto. She was going on about how she had missed me and wanted to see me and I was trying to calm her down. Everything went on-air!
What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a bath?
During my primary school days, I went for two weeks without a bath. It was so bad the skin around my neck started turning pitch black.
What do you think of a woman initiating a relationship? Bold or desperate?
In the olden days, it was a no-no but nowadays, it’s fine. Maybe it is a little desperate but if you do not tell someone how you feel, fostering the kind of relationship you hope for may never happen. I do not really see anything wrong with it. However, the girl has to realise the guy has a right to say yes or no and they shouldn’t get upset if he declines their proposal.
What did you think of Black Africa’s match against Kaiser Chiefs last week?
I already knew Kaiser Chiefs was bringing a weak side but I was blown away by the match attendance. The Independence Stadium hasn’t been that packed since the Class of 98 played South Africa in the COSAFA cup, except maybe during Independence Day celebrations. BA played OK, despite missing a lot of chances.
What would you do if you were the minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture?
It’s easy to talk from the outside; it’s like watching a football game from your seat. You can criticise the players, alright, but if you were put on the pitch, you’d see how hard it is. Perhaps I would introduce more youth projects if I were the Youth Minister. And with the release of last week’s budget, I expected more for the youth service, considering the high unemployment in Namibia.
Boxing is providing world and African champions, what do you think is going wrong with soccer?
I’m a qualified boxing referee and judge, so I know we’re doing well there. I, however, don’t really know what’s wrong with soccer. I think we do not breed enough development at youth level. We need to go back to the grassroots. For example, our under-20s do well in competitions but after that, you never hear of them again. I think we should also establish a third division to create more competition. Only then will we see Brave Warriors play at World Cup.
Sports Cafe has been popular for so long. What do you think is the secret to that?
There’s no secret at all. It’s just a bunch of guys who love sports. We are all passionate about what we talk about. Even when you came here for the interview, you found me watching Tennis in my spare time. I love sports.
Your show also discusses the English League, what do you make of its teams losing to Bayern and Barcelona and Man United struggling?
The Barclay’s Premier League is the best marketed but not the best. I’ve been following it since I was a boy. The first match I watched on TV was between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in 1989 when the Hillsborough disaster happened. As for Man U, no comment.
Suarez or Messi?
It’s very difficult to answer either, because I love both. Because of Saurez’s behaviour, however, I choose Messi.
What’s your favourite place to take a girl when you really want to impress her?
Namibia does not really have a lot of date spots and the best of us can only afford to dine at Spur. Either way, any nice restaurant is good a spot for me to take a lady.
What scares you the most?
Travelling by road. Last year, I was involved in a car accident between Oshivelo and Ondangwa, so since then, I have developed a fear of cars and reading about car accidents in the papers almost on a daily basis just makes things worse.
What would you do if you found out you only had a few months to live?
I would concentrate on spending time with my son. I would teach him how to stand on his own without me, to prepare him for when I am no longer around.
Where do you want to be in the next five years?
Professionally, I would like to be a station manager at a radio station, not just a presenter. I also want to see myself overseas, refereeing a world title boxing match.