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Paternity test exonerates Zambian man

Mon, 24 February 2014 02:46
by Chris-Paul

A Zambian national, Justice Chilombo, has been absolved from fathering Belinda Goagoses’ two-year-old daughter, by a paternity test.
Chilombo is adamant he was tricked into believing he was responsible for Gogoases’ pregnancy two years ago, because he is a foreigner.
“I had my own doubts but I was too scared to voice them because her family can be overwhelmingly intrusive,” says Chilombo.
The two had met two years ago and Goagoses soon became Chilombo’s assistance in his business planning venture.
“We would spend lots of time together and therefore grew to like each other. The next thing I knew, she was pregnant. I was in Zambia when the pregnancy news came. I was excited and even I informed my family.”
But things started to seem out of place; the month Goagoses gave birth did not correspond with when she could have conceived.
“Something was odd. The kid was born seven months after we had had unprotected sex. I couldn’t obviously toy with the idea of questioning the ‘facts’, at least not with her family all over me. When my mother saw the baby last year, she said she did not look like me or the mother. I ignored my mother’s hunch, thinking she was just being a mother-in-law or something. But when I later brought it up, Goagoses became very defensive.”
After a verbal fight, Chilombo moved out of their house and refused to talk to her until a paternity test had been done.
“We went through the paternity test, which was conducted by a private doctor of their choice. The results came last week and as much as I was relieved to learn it wasn’t my baby, I was so disappointed and confused at the same time. I can’t believe she did this to me. I believe she knows who the real father of the baby is and I don’t want anything to do with her again.”  
Goagoses (23) has confirmed the paternity test but insists Chilombo is the father.
“Those are just machines, all I know is, he is the only man I have been with since we met. He is the father of my daughter and that’s what I will tell her,” says Gogoases, adding, she does not know what else to do to prove that Chilombo is indeed the father of her baby.