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PoN launches Nam-Mic card

Mon, 9 December 2013 05:04
by Timoteus Shihepo

From the first semester of the next academic year, Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) students will be in possession of a new student card with more functions than just for identification purposes.
PoN and Nam-Mic Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd last week launched a new student card with a functionality of a low-cost transactional account. PoN students will now be able to use their student cards as an affordable transactional debit card and will be able to receive cash-back on pre-negotiated discounts at participating stores.
Nam-Mic Payment Solutions operations executive, Abri Krige, said the Nam-Mic e-wallet account fills a need for students whose budgets are normally very tight. The card, which is a product of Bank Windhoek, will enable students to send money, make payments or purchase goods in selected retail stores.
PoN rector, Professor Tjama Tjivikua, said his institution is well-known for integrating theory and practice, as well as conducting technological integration in all its academic programmes, management systems and activities.
“In an effort to bring more relevant and efficient services to the students, the collaboration between Nam-Mic Payment Solutions and PoN renders a wonderful opportunity and a common goal to provide quality services to students,” Tjivikua said.
Using their mobile phones, students will be able to recharge their pre-paid airtime or electricity units, request a mini- or account balance statement, as well as transfer money. With the new card, students will gain access to the institution’s facilities through the barcode on the front of the card.
Explaining how it works, Tjivikua said money will be loaded onto a student card, to be used to withdraw cash at Bank Windhoek ATMs, for purchases at Bank Windhoek point of sales (POS), or on Nam-Mic POS devices at participating stores. Stores in various towns across Namibia can also pay out cash where ATMs are far.
Added Tjivikua; “The card will offer the usual benefits and rights, such as form of identification for access to PoN facilities at the Windhoek Campus and regional centres, as well as for meals. They will also be used to fulfill banking transaction, such as deposits, withdrawals, purchases, transfers or be linked to a mobile/internet web portal to initiate transactions, including payment for discounted airtime and pre-paid electricity units.”
The student card will also serve as a discount card, offering special savings at stores for groceries, accommodation, taxis fares, fuel, clothing, stationery and airtime. Each time a student uses their card at participating stores, they will get a discount, which will be deposited into their account at the beginning of each month.
Some of the selected retail stores where students will be able to use their cards are Chicken City, Spar, Spur, Wimpy, Namibia Educational Services, Mr Video, Khomasdal Meat Market and Namibia Public Passenger Transport Association.