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Soldier breaks cheating girlfriendÔÇÖs jaw

Mon, 28 October 2013 03:23
by Chris-Paul

Grootfontein member of the Namibia Defence Force (NDF), Japhet Nangombe, last week treated his girlfriend, Maria Kashima (23), to massive blows on the head after finding out she had been cheating on him.
Nangombe (28) says his girlfriend was under the impression he was at the military base, then chose to go out with another man.
“She wanted to go out to drink but I told her I could not accompany her, because I was busy at the base. So she said she would stay indoors that evening,” narrates Nangombe.
His friends would, however, fetch him for a night out later that evening. When they got to their usual hangout spot, Asser’s Bar, a patron told him Kashima had been there earlier.
“The guy said my girlfriend and her friend left the bar in the company of two men they had been drinking with. I called her phone immediately but it only rang for a while before being switched off. So I called her younger sister who told me she was not home, that’s when I got worried,” he relates, adding, he kept trying to call his girlfriend and the phone went unanswered until just before midnight when she answered the call.
“When I asked where she was, she said she was home, sleeping. So I told her I would call her in ten minutes. I drove to her house and called her again to ask her to come to me at the gate,” Nangombe says, adding, Kashima refused to do so, claiming the house was locked and her parents had the keys in their bedroom. “I knew she was lying. So I drove to the house next door where my aunt lives and waited from inside for her to show up.”
With the windows open, Nangombe dozed off for hours only to be awaken by a car that had just pulled over in front of Kashima’s gate.
“I saw her jump out of the car and that’s when I rushed to confront her and the guy. It turned out the guy and I know each other and he recognised me the moment I jumped over the fence and then drove away.”
Nangombe immediately lost his cool and punched his girlfriend in the face a couple of times, breaking her jaw.
“I sincerely apologise for hitting her but it all happened out of anger. She was admitted in the hospital for three days and I supported her during that period. I was interrogated by the police but was let go because she refused to lay any charge against me. I’m very lucky.”
Kashima was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and her mouth was still wired shut.