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Woman finds BF buying condoms

Mon, 21 October 2013 04:15
by Chris-Paul

Things you don’t know won’t kill you.
The phrase came true for Carmen Cloete after she followed her boyfriend, Ellen Cooper and found him checking in with his gay partner before disappearing into the night.
According to Cloete, it first started when she had read a text message in her boyfriend’s cell phone the previous evening about a rendezvous with a certain man named Riaan Ronald.
“Something was very wrong with that text message. It said something about meeting each other somewhere and spending a romantic evening together. But because the details were sketchy, I didn’t really know how to go about confronting him about it,” she says, adding, instead of confronting Cooper that day, she decided to come up with an activity that would keep them busy, as a couple, the next day.
“He turned down all my suggestions, from going out to dinner to spending the night at my place. I knew he was up to something, so I waited for the next day.”
The next day, which was a Saturday, Cloete called Cooper at around 6pm to ask if she could go over to his house but he said he was busy working on his friend’s business plan.
“I eventually gave up hope of getting to the bottom of what he was up to, so I watched a movie and went to bed around 9pm. At around 11pm, my friend, Diana, called to ask me to go to the Playhouse Theatre in town because my boyfriend was there with another guy. So I jumped off the bed and got into a taxi.”
 The two ladies met at the Theatre and waited in Diana’s car for more than an hour until they saw Cooper walking out arm-in arm with another man headed for the quick shop at the service station.
Since Cloete did not want to blow her cover, she asked Diana to go into the quick shop to ask what the two had bought.
“The shop attendants told Diana they had bought Rocky condoms. I couldn’t believe it. They sat in the car and kissed for a while before driving away towards Auspanplatz. I called him immediately to tell him it was over,” Cloete says.
Approached by The Metro, Cooper confirmed buying condoms at the quick shop and the breakup with Cloete but insists she dumped him because she has a new boyfriend, not him having a new BF.
“The condoms were my friend’s. I did not kiss him and I don’t know whether or not he is gay because I am not. Carmen has been seeing a German guy behind my back and since she wanted to break with me, she used this as an excuse,” he maintains.