MariaÔÇÖs transformation ...little things she wouldnÔÇÖt say

Just like yesterday, Maria Nepembe, was one of the girls in a long line of young women desperate to make a name for themselves on the local entertainment scene.
By the end of the year last year, Maria’s head was turned by the industry-wide stampede for her services as the most coveted video vixen in the country.
Fast forward to today, Maria walked through the doors of the coveted Big Brother House as one of two Namibian representatives, and unlike last year’s BBA housemates who vanished into obscurity; Maria has retransformed her ‘Dirty Kandeshi’ image.
“Things just started happening for me, mostly because I enjoyed what I was doing, and the rest was just added on,” Maria said.
A massive groupie by all accounts to some, Maria was first known as Mshasho Babe. Before this, she was considered a socialite who even attempted to be a dance girl for some mediocre artists and even dated Dion of PDK as well as a member of Fresh Family.
Her captivating beauty, in-sync to her gangly model structure, and hunger to make it in the entertainment industry, caught The Dogg’s attention as the two also harboured close ties.  
“He was a good friend of my brother and my becoming a Mshasho Babe was a way of supporting him,” she says.
The Dogg immediately recognised her as a Mshasho representative, but the ambitious beauty queen secretly harboured a business relationship with The Dogg’s then mortal enemy Gazza.
“I was not gonna let anyone stop me from working with anyone I felt like working with, I had money to make and a family to feed,” she says.
At Mshasho, some argue that she was first in-demand for the services she provided off-camera as for those she provided on-camera, but it was quite obvious she wasn’t satisfied with just being a Mshasho Babe.
“Maria realised that she was too hot to remain a Mshasho groupie and she was very motivated at working on her personal image toward making it a brand. This is what other Mshasho groupies like Mshasho Queen and Kushu did not do,” adds industry pundit Engelberth Sitentu.
 When she got her chance to be a vixen in The Dogg and PDK’s videos, she took it with both hands and went on to become a presenter on Fresh FM.
After her stint in the Big Bother House, her name is now one of the most recognizable in the country, if the latest developments in her life are anything to go buy, this is just the beginning of a long successful career in entertainment circles.
Even with talks of her whirlwind relationship with fellow radio presenter Walla gone south, men, including top corporate guys, continue to fall from trees for her. Having turned 24 on Friday, her will power seems to be her only strenght to success, where others see beauty as a weakness.
This is just a simple account on how Maria’s price shot up like the petrol price in Zimbabwe in the early 2000’s.  She might lack Dillish’s class and grace, but Maria is a sure natural entertainer, her vibrancy and loveable character can take her places.