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Harry UnpluggedItÔÇÖs not HarryÔÇÖs

Mon, 7 October 2013 02:14
by Michael Uugwanga

Being so close to the new IBF light heavyweight champion Harry Simon has its own consequences, especially when you are female.
She has been seen in most public places with no one else except Harry and has become increasingly referred to the adage ‘behind every successful man....’
She admits to being the woman behind Harry’s recent success but quickly laughs off thoughts that her bulging tummy is a result of Harry.
“No, never an affair, perhaps people are saying this because I did spend with him sometime 24 hours. I chose to work with Harry because I still think he is the best boxer not only in Namibia but in the world and I do think people only concentrate on negative forgetting about his success. I respect his fiancé Mellisa and we are like family. You need to know Harry, Mellisa and my family to understand where we come from,” she says.
Harry’s success night was probably her toughest, having to endure sleepless nights, spending the whole afternoon before the bout running up and down, legs swelling, her back in excruciating pain, but she still she managed to remain focused throughout Friday, Saturday and even Sunday.
She is due on October 23. And the baby’s name is not Harry.
“In fact, it’s Shafishuna, named after my idol, the Founding Father. If it happens to be a girl, then Tate Sam (Nujoma) will name her,” she says.
 At 39, Anita has won the hearts of many including the International Boxing Federation (IBF) match maker, UK-based Daniel Lutaaya who was in Windhoek last week.
“My wife would be in bed right now. Even myself, I would be home nursing and massaging my wife if she was eight and half months pregnant. You Namibians you don’t know what you have in that woman,” he told this reporter, as the bout crept past midnight.
True, with the stress of the power failures and other logistical nightmares behind the scenes, any normal woman would have gone into labour with stress.
Even if Shafishuna comes, she remains committed to seeing Harry go for the world title, “Even if I am breast feeding.”
My focus is to see Simon becoming a world champion again. Focussing on seeing Simon becoming a world champion again. It was in 2010 after Uushona returned from T.D Joshua for prayers in Nigeria and introduced me to Simon.
Tjombe is also a VISA consultant in Windhoek.
Call it divinity; but it comes as no coincidence that Tjombe was introduced to Harry by boxer Bethuel Tyson Uushona in 2010 after the latter had returned from prayers in Nigeria with renowned prophet TB Joshua. Over the years she has managed to tame the beast, maintaining her beauty. Harry is now more religious than he ever was in his lifetime.”
Her biggest secret is that she plays her cards in the open; hence she is not shy to discuss her admiration of Nestor Tobias’ pick, Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda.
“Ambunda is very talented and it is a shame that he lost his title. Vikapita Meroro...(fighting Harry), I think he is scared of Tobias. The other thing is also that Tobias is afraid to lose money because he knows that he will not promote the fight,” she says.