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Big Ben opens up

Mon, 16 September 2013 01:54
by Linekela Halwoodi

Any musical projects you are currently working on, with regard to encouraging live performances among Namibian artists?
I am currently busy with a project called ‘Back 2 Live Music’, which gives an opportunity to upcoming and established performers alike to rehearse and perform in front of a paying crowd with a live band. This is to allow them to interact and learn from one another while challenging themselves creatively to rise to a professional stage in their performing careers.
So far, popular performers, such as Ongoro Nomundu, Exit, DJ Lischen and rapper J-Black have taken part in the two first rounds of the project. The third round of the project will start this month. Other artists have expressed interest and thus, it is not difficult to find performers to work with. And the band - The Last Band - is always ready.
What shoe size do you wear?
Eight and nine, depending on the shoe type. That’s a proper size, right (chuckles)?
What are the best qualities every woman should have?
Every woman must be able to express herself, have some ambition and be a hard worker to contribute to her family, community and country. Every woman should also respect cultural values and her community, as long as doing so does not put her own dignity at risk.
What is the best meal you can cook?
Everything I put my hands on is edible. My favorite dish is pasta with blue cheese and mushroom sauce - that is if I do not finish the blue cheese before I start cooking (laughs).
What nickname are you called at home?
Sometimes I am called ‘Big’. I guess it is short for Big Ben.
Describe your first sexual experience.
I was very young. All I can tell you is, it was very quick!
What is the one thing you would like to caution upcoming artists about?
Do not try to be like me. Nobody can be a better version of me, so just be you. Make an effort to provide a unique sound, a different blend of flavours and topics. Give the world a new breath of fresh air.
What is the one subject you were really good at in high school?
I did well in biology, science and geography.
How much cash do you have in your wallet right now - no lies?
I do not carry a wallet but I have about N$80 somewhere in these pants.
What is your favorite movie at the moment?
I am stuck on Mel Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto’.
Who is your favorite Namibian musician besides yourself?
The Band; Penilane.
What is the advice you would give to all 18-year-old men in Namibia?
The mistakes you make now will haunt you later in life and the excuse that you were young just won’t stick. Do not fool yourself into learning from mistakes, they have been made before and the lessons have already been taught. Just learn now before you start messing up. But most of all; live life.
How would you like to propose [to a woman, of course]?
If I were to propose, since I have decided to settle down, I would borrow tricks from the olden men and then try something totally traditional for originality’s sake.
Did you ever wet the bed as a child? How old were you when you stopped?
Apparently, I stopped at the age of two. They say I would go under the bed and pull out Tjukuu (grandma)’s pot.
Who is your favorite superhero?
Superheroes are for Americans, we live the real life. My heroes are real humans who walk and have walked amongst us at some point.
Would you ever encourage your children to venture into music?
I would teach them how to sing and play musical instruments and I would even pay for music classes if they are interested. I would, most importantly, want them to live their lives, not mine.
On a scale of one (not broke) to ten (very broke), how broke were you when you started out as a musician?
Eight. I wasted a lot of opportunities for other fields and eventually found comfort in music. It made me feel more satisfied with life even when I did not have a place to stay or food to eat - ask old members of the Namibia National Student Organisation (Nanso) and the National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC).
Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Currently, I am inspired by entrepreneurs, such as Martin Shipanga, Ben Zaaruka and others. As such, I plan to get involved in business ventures that would either have been sustainable or failed in five years’ time. I think that is how long it really takes to make or break a business idea.
I will be married or divorced by then too. I will be the biggest performing artist in terms of show attendance, stage performance and public profile. I will own 200 sheep and some goats. I would have also completed constructing my dream house at the village.