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ExitÔÇÖs ÔÇÿGo hard or Go homeÔÇÖ

Tue, 27 August 2013 01:11
by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

exit’s album Go hard or Go home is released and it’s quite impressive to say the least.
The album is based on facing your trials, to motivate people facing hardship to try harder and the song itself says it all.
The album was supposed to be released end of July but came a week later. Nonetheless; it was worth the wait for his fans.
It’s an 18 track album produced mainly by MJ who also features on one of the songs called “Music from the sky” with a beat that makes you want to move.
Other artists featured on the album are The Dogg, Sally, Sunny Boy, Qondja, ML, Neslow and Rockaz Gang.
The album is both motivating and exciting to listen to. Track 13 is a song with a hidden message but if you listen to it intensively, you will get to understand what Exit meant by “Get your money tsotsi”, which a hustler’s anthem as Exit has called it. He has dedicated it to the people trying to make money.
If you are waiting for a bunch of big artists on one song, listen to “Whk city”, track 9 which features The Dogg, Sally and Sunny Boy.
He also featured Zambian artist Shyman Shaizo on this album for “Namibia to Zambia”.
It’s definitely a track to listen to on a quiet day and wanting to be inspired. Track 16, titled Ondaarokiri is about a guy expressing his feelings to a girl; men can get some pointers from this song.
There are songs such as “What’s your agenda” and “Omungweyeikendatara , they allow one to think about why they do things and to have them open their eyes.
Rockaz Anthem has a Hip Hop feel to it with a touch of Dance Hall.
The whole album has a Hip Hop and Hikwa thrill about it with a touch of Dance Hall Reggae to it and not being sure of what genre it is.
“I’m a Jack of all traits,” Exit boasted. It’s inspiring to have artists, such as Exit motivate people but also have them enjoy themselves.