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Wedding bells await Dillish

Mon, 19 August 2013 02:17
by Linekela Halwoodi

namibia’s remaining Big Brother “The Chase” contestant Dillish’s boyfriend of five years, Steven “Izinyoka” Gaeseb, says his girlfriend might return home to a wedding proposal.
“The ring definitely exists. Let’s just say Namdeb is already working on it,” he chuckles.
Angelic Dillish has surprised all and sundry with her moral attributes unlike most Namibian female housemates who easily fall victim to the sex rules in the house.
Gaeseb says the reason she has remained faithful to him is because she is not the ‘Dirty Kandeshi’ everyone initially thought she was.
But was he shocked at the famous kiss Hakeem (Zimbabwean contestant) gave Dillish once during the first few weeks in the house?
No, he says; “Before she went into the house, we had an extensive discussion about the whole thing. We know it’s a game; one cannot go in there to be a bore. We looked at the pros and cons and decided that as long as there would be no French kissing or caressing, it should not be a big deal. That kiss was nothing to me. It was not a ‘whoa’ moment for me.”
He admits the first few weeks Dillish was in the house were the hardest for him, “I only had my pillow to comfort me.”
But he’s a man, a gentleman for that matter; “We have always been together from the first day we met. Whenever we are apart, we know we are together spiritually. When two people’s hearts are one, nothing can break that bond.”
Although he misses her dearly, Gaeseb says he does not watch BBA as much as Dillish’s fans do but he definitely votes for her to survive eviction each week.
Obviously Dillish has played the game well, her nominations of Hakeem were not because she disliked the Zimbabwean, could it be that he was a threat to Steven, and it was a biblical case of ‘get thee behind me satan.’
But does businessman Steven Gaeseb not feel threatened by the proximity between the men in the BBA house and his Dillish.
He has left his mark in her, he says confidently, adding that he knows nothing will ever keep them apart.
Despite paying for her university studies, getting her a sexy SLK, renting her  apartment among other things, Gaeseb says their love has not been material, but happiness.
“As men, we tend to think money makes a woman happy but that is never the case. A woman needs the smallest things in life, such as love and attention to be happy,” Gaeseb concludes.
And it takes a real men to trust his partner by sending her into a lion’s den called Big Brother, and he can’t wait to pay her off by going on bended knees whether she wins or not.