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You love the all-fake-everything

Mon, 12 August 2013 03:21
by Linekela Halwoodi

Have you noticed how everything around us is fake, especially with women?
Namibian men are very disappointed in how far we are willing to go just to make everything on our body look “better”.
Google describes real as “actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact, not imagined or supposed” while it describes fake as “a thing that is not genuine, a forgery or sham”.
Last week, I wore synthetic hair on my head, it was a painful two hours of needlework!
It’s what we call a “protective hairstyle”. It gives one’s hair a break from natural heat and other weather conditions but it’s all a sham.
Recently, this infamous girl (Diamond) started selling fake asses to local women. Once again, our men are very disappointed in us!
This girl pops her buttocks on the screen to show us how fake we can get to look “better”.
She says big, small and medium girls with no buttocks can now pass off as women with buttocks.
So let’s tick what we have managed to fake over the years; the sizes of our bosoms, the sizes of our buttocks, the lengths of our hair, our hair colours, our eye colours, our skin shades, our nails, even our waist sizes. Its true, we are a sham.
Originality has become extinct, especially amongst African women.
Now we are selling the idea of padded underwear, deceiving men to think that we have more “package” than we actually do.
Yes, they complain about fake things but has a dark-skinned girl in an afro or dreads ever gotten a compliment for her looks?
 So who is a sham for letting us believe there is only one kind of beauty? Does the Dirty Kandeshi kind of beauty - being tall, having a small waist, big bum, big boobs and being light in complexion, with wavy hair that reaches the underside of our buttocks - work for you?
We can only keep up with the trends. I have extended the length of my hair with some synthetic extensions. Face it, we all love fake things!