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Namibia has new regions

Thu, 8 August 2013 23:35
by Online Writer
News Flash

President Hifikepunye Pohamba today announced that the he has accepted the recommendations of the Delimitation Commissions to make changes to Namibia's current 13 political Regions.
He says the Kavango Region will now be split into two regions, namely, Kavango East Region and Kavango West Region. This brings the total number of regions in Namibia to 14.
Pohamba also made know that he accepted the Commissions’ recommendation that the Caprivi Region be renamed to Zambezi Region, while the Karas Region will be renamed !Karas Region.
On the constituency name changes, Pohamba agreed that Luderitz Constituency be renamed ?Naminüs Constituency, which he says was the original name of the area.
“This includes the current town of Luderitz. I have also accepted the recommendation of the commission that Steinhausen Constituency be renamed Okarukambe Constituency which was the original name of the area,” says the President.The President explains that there is no doubt that Namibia's democracy has grown deep roots.
“We have passed legislation which regulates the affairs of Government from central, regional to local levels. The delimitation of our country into regions and constituencies is linked to the National Voters Roll,” he says.
He further explains that elections at both national and regional levels can only succeed if there is certainty regarding constituency boundaries.
“It is for this reason that the delimitation of our country into regions and constituencies is part of our efforts aimed at making the work of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) easier. In this manner, the ECN will be in a position to produce a credible, transparent and verifiable National Voters’ Roll. Our citizens will be able to scrutinize the number of registered voters in every constituency or region, the President states.
For the new constituencies, Pohamba accepted that 14 new constituencies in the regions and their development centres be created.

They are as follows:


Region Constituency Constituency Centre     Kunene Opuwo Rural Otuani 2. Oshana Ondangwa Urban Ondangwa 3. Ohangwena Oshikunde Omutwewomunu 4. Oshikoto Nehale lyaMpingana Okoloti 5. Kavango East Ndonga Linena Ndonga Linena 6. Zambezi  Judea Lyaboloma Sangwali   Kabbe South Nakabolelwa 7. Hardap Aranos Aranos   Daweb Malthahohe 8. !Karas Karasburg West Noordoewer 9. Kavango West Nkurenkuru Nkurenkuru   Tondoro Mburuuru   Mankumpi Satotwa   Ncamangoro Ncamangoro