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Matric farewell fever

Mon, 22 July 2013 03:09
by Linekela Halwoodi

Do not let your child go to that matric farewell party: It’s a trap. High school student will stone me to death for that statement but seriously now, what the hell is matric farewell?
Most of the kids who wear the most expensive clothes do not even deserve to look good because they don’t know what his Y = 1 - 3 /x + 7/ x^3.
These parties happen in August which means kids are stressing out about that night right now. Matric farewell parties should come on the day the final results are released so that we know who is really deserving of that party.
There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t even consider going.
It is expensive as sh*t. The hair that has to be done; the dress that has to be fitted; the pants that have to be fitted; the journeys travelled from all over the country to come and buy shoes in Windhoek and the suits.
Man, the whole shebang will just put a hole in your pocket.
It’s a proper excuse to have sex, drunken sex for that matter. You think popping the cherry on prom night is an America myth? It’s not; girl promise boys that the night of the farewell will be the night they let it all go; guide your child away from broken condoms.
The poorer kids will only feel poorer on matric farewell night. Why are we trying to alienate some kids from disadvantaged back grounds? I say if the government is not funding this night and putting the same effort for all the children then it should not happen.
It’s a stress bomb. From Grade 11, what all girls do is plan what matric farewell will be like and the boys can only think about whether they will have a date or not.
The last three months before matric farewell, kids drop books and start looking for clothes and limos when they should be spending that time on books.
We all wonder why northern kids do so much better than coastal kids. They don’t have any of that nonsense but focus on books, books and books.
I am sorry but my children are not going to that money making scheme, not under my watch. They can get drunk at 40 years for the first time if they want, that is if I am not alive to stop it.