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Teen blackmail woman with sex photos

Mon, 22 July 2013 02:37
by Chris-Paul

aShandumbala woman, Sophia Nekundi, says she is being blackmailed by two teenage school dropouts using her sex pictures.
She is now terrified that should the boys, Andrew Namunjebo (19) and his 19-year old friend only known as ‘Skizo’, leak the images on social networking sites such as Facebook, it will cause irreparable damage.
Nekundi (24) showed V-Metro one of the pictures the boys sent her when she met this reporter at Katutura Police Station where she was reporting the matter.
In the picture, Nekundi is holding a man’s penis in her right hand. The man’s face is not visible.
“The pictures were taken by my boyfriend at the time. I remember him telling me his cell phone was stolen at a tavern in Shandumbala sometime last March and that was how these boys got the photos,” said Nekundi.
Ever since they informed her that they are in possession of her crude photos, the boys have been demanding all sorts of favours from her.
“I have to buy them beer and airtime every time they feel like it. It’s like they own me and all this time I didn’t know what to do about it until my friend advised me to take the matter to the police,” she said.
Namunjebo admitted that he was aware of the blackmail, claiming that his friend Skizo has everything to do with it.
 He claimed that Skizo and Nekundi were involved in a sexual relationship while she was still in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.
“She has misinformed you. I don’t have the photos but I have seen them or I see them every now and then. She was cheating on her boyfriend with Skizo and the man in the photos is Skizo not her boyfriend,” he said.
He also said the photos were taken by Skizo during one of their sexual encounters and started to blackmail her using the images.
“She dumped her other boyfriend for the gomcha guy. She also wanted to quit her affair with Skizo but he blackmailed her,” said Namunjebo.
Nekundi denied ever having sexual encounters with Skizo and indicated that the boys have been warned against releasing the photos.
“The police interrogated Andili (Namunjebo) and he has been warned if they ever sense that the photos have been leaked, they will be arrested,” she said.
Skizo, also said to be 19, was still on the run at the time of going to press, could not be reached for comment.