Of bad breath and being unaware

As much as we might think we are open about talking about anything because we are adults, we have all known that one friend that smelled like urine all the time.
That one person that has breathe that smells like faeces and that one friend that always smells like they smear onions in their under arms.
It’s very hard to tell someone that you smell, in fact it’s even harder to be in public and realised that you smell.
You would have to announce it to everyone jokingly so other people do not whisper behind your back about your odour.
This is especially important to me right now because by gums are literally melting in my mouth and I do not like the smell that comes from there.
Now I am serious about going to a dentist but I am more interested in what is it that causes all these problems.
Those that suffer alone, I share your pain. I would like to explain to those that look at you with disgust, that you are not just some reckless person, you have serious issues.
Bad breath can be caused by a number of things, one of them is a sinus infection this when this cavity bone behind your face becomes clogged. Mucus starts to accumulate and causes bad breath.
Rotten teeth and bleeding gums can also be the cause of bad breath.
You also need to make sure that your diet is good.
Making sure that you brush your teeth at least three times a day will also help you with your nuclear breath.
It would be very wise to watch your sugar intake, for those that have a sweet tooth.
There are also people out there that act like serial killers when it comes to flossing their teeth. I
f you floss so much that your gums bleed, you are doing it all wrong.
Remember when someone offers you a breath mint, don’t say no its a clue.