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Pezzico sets record straight with Ouxupilo

Mon, 15 July 2013 01:47
by Linekela Halwoodi

outapi Musician Marxwell Ndaningina known as Pezzico is setting the record straight with his album Ouxupilo and clearing his name from the TransNamib robbery.
Last year two men had just robbed TransNamib, when they got into his taxi.
The police pulled him over a little while after and started to quizz him but he was not involved in the robbery.
“There is no way you can know what the passengers are carrying. You cannot ask them about what is in the box” he says.
His album is still flying off the shelves because he tells his story in his Ouxupilo album that was released in November last year.
“They said I was trying to do a lot of jobs at once: music, taxi driving and robberies. The first thing I saw was a slap across my face and I was told I don’t have the right to talk because I was under arrest, so I decided to tell my side through my music” he said.
The Afro fusion artist is known for sharing a great deal of his experiences in his music, and that is his signature mark. His fans also love his voice over the Namibianized beats.
Ouxupilo which translates at Survival is his 4th album after Extra Large that came out in 2011, and he features D-Naff, Kuku Nkandanga, Mushe, Maj Beatz and Benjamin K.
On track 4, Ndaloloka he features Kuku Nkandanga who gives that weird old man vibe.
Pezzico finds the track more entertaining than informative, it’s a track that is reminding himself where he comes from.
“I do not forget where we are coming from. I respect home a lot” he said.
Track 6 Mvula Yandje, which translate as my year tells the story of his time to shine and show people that he has improved himself as a person.
There is also a love song that is dedicated to the ladies, track 10 Basilia, featuring Maj Beatz.
The song he says was recorded on the weekend he was arrested for driving a get away car for the two suspects.
Ouxupilo is his redemption after his misfortune, the quality of the message and sound is much better than when he started out.
Ovadipaifi, is track 11 in which he tells his story, of being assaulted by law enforcers but was later let free.
Pezzico is already working towards his next album which will be released sometime next year.