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Woman breaks boyfriendÔÇÖs nose

Mon, 1 July 2013 03:11
by Chris-Paul

an Oshakati man, Japhet Itembu said his live-in girlfriend, Johanna Nandapo, broke his nose last week after he had confronted her about an abortion.
Itembu (35), said he recently found out that during a two months separation between him and Nandapo, she fell pregnant by another man.
“I just found out recently from her friends that she fell pregnant when were separated for two months. We were separated because I found out that she was cheating, I called the man and he said he didn’t know about me,” said Itembu.
It is now revealed, Itembu said, that Nandapo continued to see the man after he had broken up with her despite her denying it and begging him to take her back.
“During our separation, she kept calling and begging me to take her back. She said it was a mistake and we should do it for our three year-old son. I fell for it, now I realised it was the biggest mistake of my life,” he said.
He said he asked her to move back in with him at the end of May and little did he know that she was carrying an egg fertilized by another man.
“ Two of her friends told me she did an abortion the same week she moved in with me and I didn’t even noticed a thing. Then I asked her about it last week, the result was my  nose being broken,” said Itembu.
He said she hit him with a cooking stick after he tried to grab her to get answers from her. “She was cooking porridge when I got home. I was really upset and I asked her about it, she didn’t want to talk. When I tried to turn her around, that’s when I felt the stick on my nose and I couldn’t stop bleeding after that,” said.
Nandapo, who had moved back to her mother’s house, denied having an abortion recently when called by Metro.
“I was not pregnant, my friends whom I had an argument with lied to him. I was not pregnant, I swear and that’s all I can tell you,” said Nandapo and hung up.
Itembu is recovering from home on after being put on sick leave and swore he will never get back together with Nandapo.