NamPort promotes spelling skills

Namibia Port Authority (NamPort) has once again shown its commitment to the SpelQuizBee project by renewing its annual N$200 000 sponsorship.
SpelQuizBee is an initiative of Omalaeti Production in conjunction with the Ministry of Education is in its third year running now.
The project is meant to help enhance learners’ English vocabulary and proficiency as .well as inculcate a reading culture.
In line with Vision 2030 on how to harness and prepare the human resources (HR) today, NamPort corporate communication manager, Liz Sibindi says spelling took a less important role at the dawn and development of technology such as MMS and SMS.
Therefore, this impedes on the development of languages and creates ambiguity in communication. Apart from good qualification; the mastery and use of language; good communication skills, good spelling is a prerequisite for employment and success.
“I wish to underscore that spelling is the basis of language learning. Correct spelling is key in learning how to pronounce and use words appropriately.
“Spelling also improves reading and writing fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Platforms such as spelling contest help to improve on the performance on the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic),” she said.
She commended those participating in the competition saying learning to spell helps to cement the connection between the letters and their sounds.
In addition, the ability to communicate well improves levels of confidence and participation and social standing.
NamPort holds education in high regard, thus 60% of their social investment fund (SIF) goes into education or related projects.
The SpelQuizBee competition kicked off this season in Erongo Region with over 30 high schools participating.
Having had around 120 schools participating in last year’s season, the expectation this year is to get all regions to participate with an estimated 180 high schools taking part.