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Missed call ends relationship

Mon, 3 June 2013 05:04
by Chris-Paul

the call that Aino Popyeni made after finding a missed call on his girlfriend’s phone, led to a fight that ended a five year relationship last week.
This relationship has yielded two boys of Popyeni with Anna Hambeleleni from Ondangwa.
Popyeni (34) said there was something strange with the missed call from Cota Pedro, so he decided to call back the number.
“The man answered by saying ‘yes, my love’ and that’s how I knew I was right about what I suspected. I spoke to the man nicely and did not panic. I told him she was my neighbor and she forgot her phone in my house,”  
Popyeni said he confronted his live-in girlfriend when she came from the kitchen and the couple got into a fight.
“She was very defensive, I called the Cota Pedro guy and put him on loudspeaker and she knocked the phone down. She hit me with a plate of food on the chest as I tried to grab her,” he said.
Popyeni said he Hambeleleni fled the house that evening and only showed up the next morning with a bakkie to come pick up her stuff.
“She came with two Angolans, they must have been friends of the Pedro guy and I have seen one of them before at 2000 Club here in Ondangwa. I was told she was moving back to Oshakati. I called her father as they were loading her stuff but he was not picking up his cell phone,” he said.
Hambeleleni, Popyeni said,  left with the youngest boy who doesn’t go to school, leaving the other behind.
Hambeleleni said she was happy commuting from Oshakati to work in Ondangwa and denied having an affair with Cota Pedro.
“I don’t even think I have to answer your questions. Pedro and I are not having a relationship. He used to date my friend. I moved out because I can’t take his jealousy anymore,” said Hambeleleni, and indicated that she is only willing to talk to Popyeni’s parents, not himself.
When reached, Cota Pedro  claimed he was on the road to Oshikango and could not talk, calls made to him afterwards were not answered.