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Gang kill Angolan over girl

Mon, 20 May 2013 04:04
by Chris-Paul

anotorious gang known as Etanga lya Danger in Onkaankaa village in Otamanzi Constituency, beat a 26 year-old Angolan citizen to death last week over a girl.
The attack on the Angolan (name known to police), according to a witness Eliakim Nendongo (27),  took place outside a cuca shop in full view of partygoers.
“They are very well known around here and none really bothered to stop them. They kicked him and beat him with sticks as some of them stabbed him,” said Nendongo.
According to Nendongo, the gang has over 30 members from nearby villages between the ages of 22 and 28, who rule the night life in the surrounding areas.
“They are very crazy, if one of them wants your  girl that’s it, you gonna have to comply. Just the other day, I was forced to buy credit for seven of them and I had no choice,” said Nendongo.
According to Nendongo, the argument with the Angolan started at one of the bars when he was buying drinks and entertaining a girl belonging to one of the gang members.
“The gang members where only three and the Angolan guy was with a cattle herder who had a panga so they couldn’t really fight them and were completely out-numbered.
The Angolan spoke back and insulted them in Portuguese, then him and his friend left to go to another bar,” said Nendongo.
The Etanga lya Danger members, Nendogo said, waited until they were at least eight in number and then decided to go after the Angolan national.
“They found them drinking beer at the other bar and that’s how they got him. They pulled him outside and took the panga he was having. When his friend fled in the darkness, they started beating him,” said Nendongo.
Police Public Relation Officer, Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo, confirmed the attack on the Angolan man ,who was understood to be in the area to buy cattle.
“We heard they are called Etanga lya Danger and are very  bad. They followed him and attacked him at one of the bars. He was stabbed and hit with knobkerries and he died on the spot. As we speak he’s in Okahao police mortuary and his next of kin have not been informed yet. Five members are arrested but the three are still at large ,” said Warrant Shikongo.