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If I was on BBA- Dirty Kandeshi

Mon, 13 May 2013 02:34
by Linekela Halwoodi


What are the five things you don’t live your house without?
My ATM card, My cellphone, sunglasses, My Promise ring, perfume.
A lot of people where not satisfied with your presenting at the NAMAs (any comments)
Not everything in life goes our way. Me being the NAMAs presenter happens to be one of those things. Such is life.
What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?
I walked into a glass wall in a mall somewhere in Berlin. So embarrassing. I even pretended to not know who I was. Lol.
How often do you find people calling you Dirty Kandeshi? Do you find  it offensive or you take advantage of it?
All the time. Even little kids walk up to me and ask if I’m Dirty Kandeshi. Most of the time people don’t really mean any harm. It was my decision to play the role in the music video so I gotta live and accept the negative as well as the positive feedback.
Have you ever been tempted to swear on radio?
I hardly swear hey. So no man.
Who is the designer that made your controversial one slit red dress you wore at the NAMAs?
A very talented lady who goes by the name of Martha Auala.
What is the worst local song you have ever heard?
Eepolobelema dhaantu. Lol. That song is so ridiculous but I love listening to it.
What is the dumbest thing you have ever bought and regretted it?
I bought a pair of heels for N$4 800 I think I was possessed. I was disgusted with myself.
How do people react when you enter a room?
Sometimes I get really nasty stares and sometimes it’s so obvious that people are talking about you as you enter. So awkward.
How many times a week do you go to the gym?
Sometimes Monday to Friday. But when I’m pressed for time, I try to go when I can..
What are you a die hard of?
P -Square and Michael Jackson are my everything.
Who is the sexiest man in Namibia excluding your boyfriend, or family members?
Reginaldo Marcellino
Do you believe in sex before marriage?
I know it’s a sin.
If one day you woke up and you weigh 120kg what would you do?
Quit modeling.
If you could only exist as a part of your body? What body part would you be? e.g waking a as a foot nothing but a foot that can talk or waking up as a nose..
If you were on big brother africa 2013, would you survive 3 months without sex?
 Yeah, I have survived the no sex thing for years I dont see why not. I am not a sexaholic.
When is it the best time to be a woman and when is it the worst time?
Best time is in “ladies first” situations. Worst time “that time of the month”. That nine months when getting ready to be a mother. Why can’t men and women take turns when it comes to falling pregnant.
What is the one thing men do that makes you uncomfortable?
Whistle at me.
If a four year old asks you what sex is, what would you say?
Honey... sex is something you shouldn’t worry yourself about.

What are the names of your best friends?
Tjuna, Dillish, Antonia, Kaseli and Jennifer.

Do you have a look-alike in Windhoek? Do you know her name?
Yes. Nangula Nanyemba.

If got to a party where everyone was naked would you get naked too or run?
I would run as fast as I possibly can. What freaks party naked?

This is the platform to ask your boyfriend/hubby a question that you have been meaning to ask, what is the question?
Baby, when can I expect that ring? I’m not growing any younger you know.

How many languages do you speak? what are they?
Four - Oshiwambo, English, Afrikaans and German.