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Woman dies during abortion

Mon, 6 May 2013 02:21
by Chris-Paul

lerato Montlane died two days after an abortion attempt in Gobabis last week.
She was 23.
According to her elder sister, Nomsa Montlane, Lerato was four months pregnant and got money from her boyfriend Barnabas Motonane for the abortion.
“We heard that her boyfriend had been pushing her into getting rid of the baby for the last few months. At least that is what her friend told the family. N$500 was deposited into her account by her boyfriend last of last week and we didn’t know anything until now,” said Nomsa.
According to Nomsa, Lerato bled heavily and stayed in her friend’s room until the evening when she was found dead.
“Her friend works at a lodge and she left Lerato in her room. She had been staying with the friend for two days before passing away around 18h00 on the second day. Her friend found her dead on the floor,” said Nomsa.
Lerato’s friend Mercia Tibinyane (25) admitted she was aware that Lerato sought to do an abortion but denied helping her carry it out.
“She only mentioned to me that her boyfriend had given her money to do an abortion and that she had found a woman to help her. I didn’t question her decision nor did she ask for my advice. All she wanted from me was a place to rest for a few days,” said Mercia.
Motonane denied aiding in the abortion insisting that he had tried to talk her out of it for months.
“I promise you, if it wasn’t for me, the abortion could have been carried out already. I had to talk her out of it time and time again.
“I didn’t give her any money recently. The last time was about a month ago when I gave her N$300 to buy fruits and other kind of nutritious food,” said Motonane.
He said he suspects that Lerato’s friends helped her to carry out the abortion.
“I met her family about the pregnancy. I accepted it. It does not make any sense for me to push her into aborting it. It doesn’t make sense at all. I, personally, think some of her friends talked her into it since they have been supportive of the idea from the beginning,” said Motonane.
He, however, could not say who those friends are.
Nomsa said the family is waiting for the post mortem results to determine the cause of death and get some information and then decide what to do next.