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with Linekela Halwoodi



Man kicks girlfriend for cooking during his nap

A man has admitted kicking his girlfriend on the buttocks for interrupting his nap when she came home with their baby and started cooking.

Simon Gabriel is currently on warrant of arrest for missing two court dates, but in July this year he told the court that the beating was provoked by his girlfriend who came to their Havana home with their child, but found him sleeping and started cooking which upset him. “I asked her why she is cooking, but she just threw the child on my side of the bed so I slapped her in the face and kicked her buttocks,” said Gabriel. He further told the court that his girlfriend bit him on the neck before she ran off to open the case.

Although he admitted to slapping and kicking her, Gabriel denied the other charges where he allegedly hit her with clenched fists and pushed her, thus the court entered a not guilty plea.  Although he was released on N$1000 bail, his bail money has been forfeited to the state and his bail has been cancelled. His case will continue when the police track him down.


Two men appear for beer pouring and beating

Two Zimbabwean men who failed to appear in the Katutura Magistrate court are now on warrant of arrest after they ditched a court date for beating a man with a beer bottle and a stick.

The two men were released on N$200 bail each but never returned to court on the set date. Marvin Shanduka and Leo Mhlanga were arrested on 5 June this year for brutally assaulting a man in Ombili. On 4 June, the duo allegedly got into a scuffle with Goahard Simena.

What seemed like a simple bar brawl soon got out of hand when one of the two poured beer on Simena’s head and then hit  him with  a bottle in the face. The duo was out of control and continued beating the man with fists and a stick. They were both charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, after the police picked them up the next day.


10 years for fingering a woman

An Ovitoto man was sentenced to 10 years in prison, under the rape act, for fingering a woman. Adam Kumuesse was quick to defend himself stating that he had received consent from the woman he called his girlfriend; he had bought her a bottle of wine. State witnesses including the woman’s uncle who came to rescue her said the sexual act was not consensual.  It’s alleged that on 12 June last year, Kumuesse followed the woman he had met at Kandaris Bar in Okatjoruse, in Ovitoto district, into a bush after she had rejected his proposal. He allegedly grabbed her and cut her shirt open with a knife. When she came free from his grip and tried to run, he caught up with her and pinned her down.

“I will rape you and kill you”, he told the woman while attempting to strangle her. At that time, she was lying in the dirt. Kumuesse continued his assault by pulling the woman’s pants down before he started inserting his fingers into her vagina and anus.

The woman was rescued by her uncle and people who were at the same bar she’d been drinking at, after hearing her screams from the bushes. Kumuesse hearing the crowd coming, he allegedly ran off with the woman’s shirt and sandal.The woman went home with her uncle and only reported the case the next day.

Kumuesse was arrested the day after the incident, and has remained in police custody till now. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison of which five years are suspended for five years.


Soweto woman in court for swearing

A woman who was arrested after she allegedly started a fight with two sisters appeared in Katutura Magistrate Court last week.

Elizabeth Moolise allegedly argued with Johanna Kennedy and Anilo Kennedy. The argument allegedly got out of hand when Moolise jumped onto Johanna almost clawing her eyes out. Moolise left Johanna with scratch wounds on her  face and neck, and she is said to have sworn at the two. She was arrested shortly after Johanna had managed to get lose from her grip. She was charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and insulting the dignity of the two sisters by swearing at them using obscene language. The court did not indicate where the incident took place or why the two had argued.Although Moolise is currently out on N$400 bail, she will return to court on 16 November 2011  to follow up on her legal representation application.