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Man dumped by his fianc?®

Mon, 22 April 2013 03:38
by Chris-Paul

jacob Haufiku (36)  is sitting home crying in Wanaheda because his fiancé , Ester Tjeripo, (27)  has left him and suspects that she’s with another man in Otjiwarongo.
A week after his girlfriend took off with her belongings, it has now come to light that his girlfriend of five years and mother of his three year old son, is shacking up in another love nest, leaving him only with her sweet smelling perfume on his bed covers to remind him of her.
“I’m really shocked to hear that she’s with another man in Otjiwarongo and my mother had to talk me out of driving there too. But I guess that’s life. Five years together and a kid, and this is what I get?” Haufiku asked.
He said  arrangements have been made between the two families for the couple to get married in October this year and she has not given him a reason for her to change her mind.
“With women you never know, with us men it easy to see when you are not happy or when you are cheating on your woman, but with them it is always difficult. We had our misunderstandings like other couples, but nothing major,”  he said.
Tjeripo however, when reached for comment, denied seeing another man and indicated that the fire in their relationship has long dimmed due to, among other things, the difference in their tribes.
“It’s really wrong that he’s saying that because he knows the real reason. The fact that we are from two different tribes has always been a difficult thing to cope with and I made it clear at the begging of this year. I’m Otjiherero and he’s Oshiwambo, because of this our families barely get a long,” said Tjeripo.
She admitted that there were talks of them getting married but those talks have fallen through a long time ago.
“As far as I’m concerned, it has been us working out our permanent separation lately and the situation of our son” said Tjeripo.
Haufiku refuted her claims of the two families not getting along and insisted that the only reason she doesn’t want him no more is because she has met someone.  
“How many Oshiwambo and Otjiherero couples are in Namibia? Hundreds and hundreds of them, that’s a very sad excuse. She must just admit that her new man is Otjiherero speaking maybe that way it will make sense. When she came to get her stuff, why was her phone not reachable for a week?” said Haufiku.
On why her phone was off for almost the entire week last week, Tjeripo said her cellular phone fell in water and is currently using a friend’s.
She also said she’s actually based in Otjiwarongo where she works and lives with their son.