ItÔÇÖs just a figure, dam it!

Last week the country was gripped in the euphoria of a supposedly lowered unemployment figure and anyone who cares to say something, have jumped to whoever can listen and told them of how the country reduced its unemployment rate.
According to the latest statistics unemployment is actually 27.4 % unlike the 51.2% that has been there since 2008.
However, according to Statistician General of the Namibian Statistics Agency John Steytler, the number is still too high and cannot be looked at in the form of an improvement but rather should get policy makers thinking of how to deal with problem.
Some of the arguments raised in the past week have been that Prime Minister Hage Geingob, has since been vindicated of his argument that the unemployment rate has been over pegged in the past.
So has been the argument that economist Martin Mwinga was right debating the last unemployment figure.
The truth in no uncertain terms is that whether Geingob was right, Mwinga has been right all along or Steytler has done a splendid job, reality is that we should not be dragged by the stupidity of numbers because by no means is 27% lower in terms of a unemployment in a country that hardly has 2.2 million inhabitants.
In as much as we take a bow for the statistics coming we shouldn’t drink coffee on it because we just have a problem here and it needs nothing less than a solution.
Now with all this frenzy mood and with politicians beating their drum and probably looking at the current figure as lower and an improvement, reality is that this is just improvement in figures not in reality.
Our people are still suffering and still need the jobs.
The announcement of a much lower unemployment figure is just but another time that whoever is tasked with releasing such figures, meet their target and we do not need to look into that figure but find ways of creating jobs for our people and make sure they can provide for their loved ones.
We cannot have a nation going to town over a 27 percent unemployment figure in a country with an economically  active population of just above 600 000.
This new unemployment figure is just that, a figure and celebrating it or talking about it is like celebrating mediocre and forgetting that tomorrow our people are still unemployed and need the jobs now than ever.
Why should we be  celebrating on this figure when the reality is that all our young people are just not unemployed because they do not have the skills and cannot be absorbed in industry.
What we need to do now is to create heavy industries that can absorb our semi skilled population and at the same time, invest even more in the creation of vocational training institutions to allow our people to employ themselves in the informal job market.
So next week, I hope we all shall be doing what we need to do, look for the solution to this monster called unemployment rather  than celebrating that it has come back in a smaller size.